Kokua 3.7.21: group bans, unified snapshots, HTTP pipelining and more

kokua-logoUpdate, December 7th, 2014: Kokua was released on December 5th. This update includes fixes for issue #292 noted in the review below, and for an issue with the automatic updater (issue #322.

Nicky Perian released the latest update of Kokua for SL on Sunday, November 30th.

Given the last Second Life specific release of the viewer was in July, the new release, version sees the SL version of the viewer bounce up to parity with a lot of recent LL viewer updates, as noted in the release notes. This being the case, please note that a clean install is highly recommended.

The code updates from the Lab comprise:

The Kokua 3.7.21 release sees the addition of the unified snapshot floater
The Kokua 3.7.21 release sees the addition of the unified snapshot floater

In addition, the viewer also includes the following LL updates which, at the time of the Kokua release, are still at release candidate status within the SL viewer:

  • 3.7.20 code base:
    • Attachments updates – adds some fixes to previously released changes in the way joint offsets in rigged meshes are handled & fixes some issues found with adding and removing attachments after the recent AISv3 deploy
    • GPU Benchmarking update – removes the need for the GPU table by performing a series of tests when first setting the graphics defaults for the viewer (note this code contains fixes for issues found with the original benchmarking code release in the official SL viewer)
  • 3.7.21 code base:
    • Snowstorm contributions release – Japanese input; improved rendering of projectors; fixes for object editing bug when rotating and for crash on exit on OSX Yosemite in full screen mode, etc
    • Maintenance updates – a broad range of fixes for voice, privacy, rendering, texture animation, avatar distortion, inventory management, sounds, mouselook in Mac, and more
    • Pipelining Enhancements release – reduced pipelined texture and mesh fetching timeout.
Group Bans now a part of Kokua with version
Group Bans now a part of Kokua with version – click for full size

Kokua Team Contributions

In addition the the merging and testing of recent code release from the Lab, Kokua includes the following contributions:

  • The viewer has been updated so it will no longer automatically start following a Windows install
  • Custom currency support has been added so that the local grid currency symbol will be displayed (original work by Armin Weatherwax)
  • New option to hide account balance in snapshots: Preferences > Kokua > Privacy > Do Not Show Money Balance on Snapshots (original work by Armin Weatherwax)
  • An option to open the movement controls has been added to View > Movement Controls.

In addition, Nicky notes:

  • On Linux Mint 17 32 bit, the load library path was not set correctly, and this has been amended for both 32-, and 64-bit.
  • The gridargs.dat file is no longer reader when starting kokua. Instead pass parameters along the command line (e.g.  ./kokua –channel “‘Kokua XonXoff'”)

There are a few known issues with the release, all of which are being tracked via the Kokua ticket system. These include:

  • The option to display your avatar’s name in the viewer’s title bar ((Preferences > Kokua), should only be set after logging-in; if set from the log-in splash screen, they will crash the viewer – Issue #289
  • Teleport from SL search fails. Teleports from Legacy and Map searches work. Landmarks from inventory work. Issue #292
  • The YouTube media volume control doesn’t work –Issue #312
  • [RLVa] Names are not all gone in nearby chat list of names –Issue #314.

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