Firestorm hotfix released

firestorm-logoAs indicated in my update to the Firestorm release review in this blog, a couple of issues have been found within that release, which may affect some Firestorm users.

As a result, the Firestorm team have released a hotfix update to the viewer, which includes fixes for those issues and offers three more the team has also implemented.

The blog post on the fixes reads in full:

After releasing we discovered a few bugs that affect just enough users to warrant a hotfix update. However, if none of the issues addressed in this hotfix affect you personally there is no need for you to update to it.

The issues are listed below.

We have replaced the 42969 links with the new version 42974 on our download pages.

As per the blog post, unless one of the issues addressed by the fixes above affect you, there is no need to update your version of Firestorm. None of the fixes should directly impact on the elements of the viewer included in my review.

SL Project news week 50/2: viewer updates, no change window, misc news

Let it snow! Isles of Lyonesse; Inara Pey, December 2014, on FlickrLet it Snow! Isles of Lyonesse (Flickr) – blog post

Server Deployments – Week 50 Recap

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread in the forums for the most recent news and updates.

On Tuesday, December 9th, the Main (SLS) channel was updated with the server maintenance package deployed to the three RC channels in week #49.

On Wednesday, December 10th, all three RC channels received a new server maintenance package primarily comprising fixes for Experience Keys / Tools issues.

Server Deployments and the no Change Window

Week #51 (commencing Monday, December 15th) marks the run-up to the Christmas / New Year holiday break.

While it is still subject to official confirmation, it looks likely that the server maintenance update deployed to the RC channels will be promoted to the Main (SLS) channel on Tuesday, December 16th. However, due to the no change (code freeze) window coming into effect for the holiday period, there is likely to be no updates made to the RC channels until normal operations are resumed in week #2 of January 2015.

SL Viewer

Wednesday, December 10th saw the to remaining release candidate viewers updated to match the most recent release viewer:

  • The Maintenance viewer RC updated to version This includes a broad range of fixes for for voice, rendering, avatar distortion, inventory, sounds, the viewer UI, and more, plus a series of fixes for avatar attachments
  • The HTTP Pipelining RC viewer updated to version This reduces pipelined texture and mesh fetching time-outs so that stalled connections fail quickly allowing earlier retry. The time-out value is changed from 150 seconds to 60 seconds.

It is likely that one of these two viewers will be promoted to the de facto release viewer in week #51, prior to the no change window coming into force for the holiday period.

All other official SL viewer versions remain as per my Current Viewer Releases page.

Other News

Map Tile Issues

Some people may have noticed that World Map tiles reverted to some very slow loading behaviour recently (after being shifted to the CDN for a faster delivery of tile textures to the viewer back when use of the CDN was first being rolled-out). The lag in tile rendering should now be fixed.

Group notices from Group “(none)”

There has been an intermittent and recurring problem with group notices being received with a group of “(none)” assigned to them. This has been ongoing for a while, and those affected by it can detect no discernible patten in how it occurs; just that once or twice a week, rather than a notice carrying the group name as a URI, it is received with “(none)” as a clickable (and unresolvable) link. Some reports suggest that people will receive perhaps two or three such notices in a row before they again start receiving notices with the proper group name.

The problem doesn’t appear to be endemic to any specific viewer, and can occur randomly with notices from any group. Due to its intermittent and random behaviour, it is hard to pin down a specific cause  – such as the viewer failing to resolve the associated group name. However, should you encounter the problem, please consider checking your viewer logs for any messages which appear to be associated with the problem, and raising a JIRA on the matter, appending said log entries.

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Frisland in winter

Frisland, Laluna Island (Flickr)

Back in March 2014, I made my first visit to Frisland, the region Charlie Namiboo, Anna Barzane and Frislanda “Fris” Ferraris created while imagining what the mystical land for which it is named might look like, if it were to actually exist.

Given that the island was supposed to exist in the North Atlantic, it is hardly surprising that winter has come a-visiting at Frisland, and snow now lies deep on the ground across most of the region, and frost has turned the bare-armed trees a hoary white, while ice covers the ponds and some of the water of the island’s stream.

Frisland, Laluna Island (Flickr)

Frisland has always been a lovely, photogenic place, but the snowy blanket covering it now gives it an extra edge of  beauty and, frankly, romance. The layout of the region hasn’t really changed – nor should it; but there are a few seasonal additions – an ice skate vendors alongside the central pond, and if you get cold or want a little extra Christmas feel to your home, Anna offers a free Frisland winter scarf for visitors and a set of decorative candles for the home. Further down the path from the main houses is a mulled wine stall, should you need a little warming-up, and close to that, a snowman offers you his trick of doing a handstand…

Frisland, Laluna Island (Flickr)

All told, a beautiful make-over which retains all of the photogenic beauty of the island, making it a must-see of the season. Little wonder it has been in the Editor’s Picks of the Destination Guide!

But rather than me rabbit on about it, here’s a little machinima I hope you’ll enjoy.

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