Contact Me


I’m always on the look-out for events, activities and locations to blog about, and over the years I’ve received assorted requests and suggests, although people haven’t always know the best way to contact me.

To make things easier, I’ve added this contact form to the website, which event organisers, etc., can use to contact me about their activities. However, there are a few pointers:

  • Things I don’t blog about: fashion, product reviews, gachas, sales, stores, or club events
  • Things I do blog about: regions that are open to the public and which are photogenic; charity events and activities (e.g. RFL events, Team Fox events, etc.); art events and exhibitions (I am a member of several art groups and try to keep track of things, but direct news is always welcome)
  • Please give as much information on your event as possible – name, dates, description, URL to any website / blog / other resources I can use
  • If you’re tipping me the wink about a location I might like to explore for my Exploring Second Life series, please make sure you include the SLurl and a brief description


Have any thoughts?

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