A Calas Galadhon Noel

Calas Galadhon Noel 2014
Calas Galadhon Noel 2014

Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith not only run the Calas Galadhon parklands, every Halloween and Christmas they set-up a special region, reflecting the theme of each period respectively.

This year, they gave us the Darkwood for Halloween, a darkly Tolkien-esque place offering orcs, elven boat rides, trolls, dragons, eagles and barrel trips. Now, with December opening its doors, they bring us the Calas Galadhon Noel, the region beautifully made over into a festive wonderland, with sleigh rides, magic reindeer flights, cuddle spots, ice skating and a whole lot more.

However, rather than me wibble on about it at length, I thought I’d cut to the quick and bring you a short video which I hope will encourage you to visit.

Calas Galadhon Noel is now open to the public through until the end of the month – and if you previously visited the Darkwood, I hope you’ll watch the video right to the very end :-).

To fully appreciate the region, do make sure you have local sounds enabled and have region’s music stream active – Ty has put together a very special selection of music to accompany your visit.

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    1. I capture using Bandicam at 25fps, and now edit using Cyberlink Power Director at a project rates of 25 fps. Previously, I was using Bandcam for capture, and Pinnacle Studio for editing – the later was supposed to be set to a project speed of 25 fps, but always seemed to introduce frame skipping during the import process, which made the panning & zooming much jerkier. Power Director doesn’t exhibit the same problem at all.

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