Blog Guidelines

“At home”

I cover a lot of topics in this blog, based on my interests and activities. However, there are certain areas I don’t cover as others do so far more capably than I. This being the case, the following guidelines are intended to help those wishing to see their content  / activities blogged here.

Second Life Products: Generally speaking, I do not accept requests to review virtual goods or products. Items that are reviewed in this blog are those I’ve purchased and feel might be of interest  to my readers. The only potential exception to this is with demonstration items related to specific Second Life projects from Linden Lab which I am covering in my weekly “SL Project Updates” reports.

Second Life Art Exhibitions and Galleries: I welcome invitations to visit in-world exhibitions and galleries. In particular, I’m interested in discovering / blogging about artists, galleries and exhibitions which tend not be blogged elsewhere.

In-world Locations: If you would like your region / parcel to be featured in this blog, please send me a landmark / SLurl and a short description. Keep in mind I focus on regions that are open to the public, particularly those which support photography and blogging. I do not review residential / rental locations unless their residential / rental aspect is secondary to offering the space for public visits and enjoyment. Please see my Exploring Second Life series to get a feel for the range of places I review.

Events and Fund-raisers: If you think I might be interested in blogging about your event, please send me information (description, web links, SLurls, etc.), via note-card. However, when doing so, please keep in mind the following:

  • I do not blog shopping events, gachas, or fashion events (unless the latter is for a specific fund-raising purpose).
  • I primarily blog about fund-raisers associated with recognised charities. While I will blog about personal fund-raisers, it will only be if a) I know the beneficiary personally, and am aware of their situation; b) I know the organisers of the event.

In all cases, please understand that I cannot blog on everything. Whether or not I blog on a specific art exhibition, event, region, etc., generally comes down to personal appeal / inspiration  / my own tastes. My physical world schedule and overall schedule for this blog may also play a part in whether and when I will blog on something.