Bellisseria JulyFest in Second Life

Having been inaugurated on July 4th, 2019, the Bellisseria Fairgrounds will play host to its second major event on Saturday, July 6th, when JulyFest is held.

Running from 12:00 noon through until 18:00 SLT, JulyFest carries on something of a July 4th celebratory feel, while inviting residents of Bellisseria and their friends to come together for events and entertainment  – and Second Life residents are also invited to join in with the fun and meet those on us living on the continent.

The fairgrounds are located on an island within the eastern “bay” of Bellisseria, and can be reached via boat, using the moorings on the north side of the island, or by air using the adjoining airstrip (note that boats and planes will be auto-returned after arrival). For those who prefer, there’s the direct teleport, as given above, that will drop people at the entrance to the fairgrounds.

For the event, the Fairgrounds offers booths promoting groups active within Bellisseria, together with games and challenges (including a pole dancing challenge!), located either side of the main stage and sandy dance area. There’s also a fun fair with a Ferris wheel and other rides.

JulyFest: music, entertainment, games., information and a fun fair

As well as events on the Fairgrounds island, there will also be a parade of boats that will sail around some of Bellisseria’s waterways before arriving at the fairgrounds island.

Departing from the vicinity of the Calm Waters Lighthouse, the parade – or “floatilla”, as it is being called – will depart at 12:00 noon and proceed westwards, passing along one of Bellisseria’s main rivers before looping back to the east to anchor off the fairgrounds island. Those wishing to see the boats, the map below marks the route, and the parade will include motorboats and sailing craft.

The route of the parade of boats

Entertainment for the event will also start at 12:00 noon, and will comprise (all times SLT):

  • 12:00 noon – 13:30: DJ North Crannock.
  • 13:30 – 15:00: DJ Scottish Sarah.
  • 15:00 – 16:00: Live music with Ry Anne.
  • 16:00 – 17:00: Live music with Wolfie Starfire.
  • 17:00-18:00: DJ NoisyApp.
JulyFest offers Bellisseria residents and those hoping to move to the community the opportunity to discover the many active groups within Bellisseria, which cover a wide range of activities, including horse riding, sailing, boating, and more

The Fairgrounds aren’t the only place where events talk place in Bellisseria. There are several locations across the continent that feature music, horse riding and more. Keep up-to-date with activities via the Bellisseria Happenings events page.

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A Slavic Rebirth in Second Life

Slavic Rebirth: Art Gallery

Currently open through until July 20th is a celebration of pre-Christian Russia entitled Slavic Rebirth, the opening of which was intentional timed to coincide with the summer solstice. I  was alerted to the event by ViktorSavior, who will also be presenting his art at the event, combined with the poetry of AlenaPit.

Occupying floating islands bearing builds by Arin Bellios that float high above Isles of Devotion, the Full region held by Djembe Dragonfire and Jay Abernathy, who have donated the space to the event free of charge, Slavic Rebirth is a multi-faceted event featuring art, music, workshops, a fashion show, and a market. The organisers describe the event thus:

This is the world BEFORE the arrival of Christianity in the Russian lands. This is paganism in its best  manifestation, unity with nature and native gods. This is the strength of the spirit, purity of thoughts, the beauty of the body, the awareness of walking the right path. This is a world of fairy tales and epics. This is our ancient memory that you need to wake up and open your eyes.

There are a number of landing points associated with the event, but I’m focusing on the art gallery area here, as this is what particularly drew me to the event.

Slavic Heaven: the location alongside the gallery where music events will be held and where people can relax

Occupying a large central island that is linked to, and within eyesight of, two small event spaces, the gallery is open-air, but has a strong element of what might be regarded as classic Russian architecture which, despite the pre-Christian focus of the event, perhaps carried echoes of a church-like structure.

The art is displayed within the open arches of the tiered walls and is actually deceptive: what at first glance appears to be the works of a single artist is in fact three (or four, once Viktor’s art is added!) individual switchable displays of art: a board close to the landing point allows visitors to select which of the  artists’ work is on display. Allowing for the addition of Viktor’s art, the three artists currently on display are:

  • Roman Papsuev (aka Amok): a contemporary Russian artist who may be known to some for his work depicting scenes and individuals from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books (note not the TV series Games of Thrones, so don’t expect images of Kit Harrington or Emily Clarke, etc). The pieces presented in Slavic Rebirth are from his collection Tales of Old Rus’, featuring line drawings presented in monochrome.
Slavic Rebirth: Roman Papsuev
  • Vsevolod Borisovich Ivanov: another contemporary Russian artist inspired by the traditions and history of Russia – particularly that of medieval Russia, and pagan mythologies of old Russia. His paintings are rich in colour and content, covering a wide range of subjects: heroes, gods, creatures, architecture and the harsh beauty of old Russia.
  • Viktor Anatolyevich Korol’kov: a classically trained artist whose work has encompassed the history and myths of Europe (Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Greece), Egypt, the books of the Bible and more. All of this led him to a fascination with Slavic history, art and mythology – which led him to the main thrust of his art, as seen in Slavic Rebirth, a celebration of that old history, presented here under the title Enchanted by Old Rus’.
Slavic Rebirth: Vsevolod Borisovich Ivanov

When switching between the artists via the control board, the art on display on the two sides of the gallery will change in unison, as will the exhibition title board on display (each of which offers a profile of each of the artists. How well this might would with multiple people viewing the art might require some coordination to prevent conflicting changes, but the approach is interesting. Note, as well, that touching individual pieces of art will deliver a note card to you, offering information on the art itself.

Throughout the month of the event there will be a number of musical performances taking place at the Slavic Heaven floating island to the south of the art gallery (use the touch-to-teleport portal at that end of the gallery to reach it). These include:  Italian SL singer Malesh, who will be appearing at 13:00 SLT on both Tuesday, June 25th and DJ Dalilu who will be appearing at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, June 26th.

Slavic Rebirth: Viktor Anatolyevich Korol’kov

Also to be found via the teleport arch at the north end of the art gallery (and closest to the landing point) is the Slavic market built around an ancient temple of Goddess Lada.

The final part of the event spaces for Slavic Rebirth is the Seasons Island. Offering ” all seasons of Russian nature”, this is the focus of a photo exhibition that forms part of the event – details from the event information boards – and for the Slavic Rebirth Fashion Show and Contest that will be taking place on Friday, June 28th at 12:00 noon. The theme for this is Slavic history and fairy-tales, and members of the public can participate; again, details are available at the event spaces, and there are two workshops / rehearsals for those interested in joining in: Sunday June 23rd at 10:00 (so very short notice here!) and Monday, June 24th, at 11:00 SLT.

Slavic Rebirth: Seasons Island

Further activities taking place at Slavic Rebirth will, I believe, be posted through the event spaces. In the meantime, here’s the full set of SLurl for this event.

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Isles of Devotion is rated Adult

Caravanserai: a Silk Road celebration in Second Life

Saturday, May 18th, 2019 will see the latest iteration of Caravanserai, a celebration of music, poetry and the spoken word from around the world, which this year is again aimed at raising money for Feed A Smile.

From Singapore to Second Life: come to the Caravanserai for a one-night stop over to witness a grand live concert, streamed on-line as Singapore wordsmiths and improv musicians team up with accomplished artists, writers, musicians, comics, film-makers and poets from Germany, UK, Holland, Portugal, Japan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Canada and the USA.

– From the Caravanserai Press Release

I first wrote about Caravanserai, which has been developed and coordinated by Dr Chris Moonie-Singh (Singh Albatros in SL) of The Writers Centre, Singapore and Scott Grant (Kaylee West/ Xilin Yifu in SL) of Monash University in Melbourne Australia ahead of the first event in 2017 (see here for more).

With that event, Caravanserai sought to celebrate the sharing of different cultures by transporting guests to an earlier time when the Silk Road contributed hugely to artistic and cultural understanding and world culture. Travellers going both directions would seek shelter in oasis’ or a caravanserai: an inn with a central courtyard for wayfarers in the desert regions of Asia or North Africa.

And so it is with 2019 as well, with events taking place within the walls of a desert caravanserai, featuring the main stage and various attractions to entertain, with more attractions beyond the caravanserai’s immediate walls – including the opportunity to race on a magic flying carpet.

Commencing at 05:00  through until 08:00SLT on Saturday, May 18th, the event features live streaming from the Writers Centre, Singapore, as well as in-world performances. The latter include:

  • Some Teardrop (singer-songwriter); USA.
  • Yadleen (Clara Mayef) Germany – ambient synth composer/performer.
  • Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt, poet and film-makers (Costa Rica/Germany).
  • Dansy Insight (Traditional Chinese songs).
  • Rosedrop Rust (Oregon)
  • Poets: Persephone (NYC), Shyla (MiD-West), Klannex Northmead (London), Adele Ward (London), Key Key Underwood (Cleveland), Frederique McMIllan (Quebec, Canada).
  • Storyteller: Caledonia Skytower: Seattle area, USA
  • Esteban Voljeti – comedy.
  • Singh Albatros – original spoken word and music.

For those unable to make it in-world to the event, but who can watch it on-line, it will be streamed via Twitch.

As the Singaporeans share South-East Asian culture, world artists likewise share their poems, songs and stories this unique programme will be streamed live from Second Life from their on-line locations in the spirit of bygone days along the digital Silk Road.

So much of world history is built on the dialogue and cultural exchange represented by the land and sea Silk Roads.

We are very happy to start the Silk Road Series and share the heritage of East-West arts.

– Kaylee West and Singh Albatros

Caravanserai the crossroads of the arts

About Feed A Smile

Feed A Smile is a programme run by Live and Learn Kenya (LLK) to provide nutritious warm lunches for over 400 children every day, paid for entirely from donations to the project. It is part of a broader programme managed by LLK, which includes finding sponsors to finance the education of children in Kenya and helping to provide them with everything they need: uniforms, shoes, text books, school supplies, etc., and the building of the Nakuru school, Kenya.

In addition, the organisation also provides medical and dental care for children, including check-ups and vaccinations. 100% of the donations received by LLK are transferred directly to Kenya to care for children, provide education, medicine, food, shelter and foster care. Nothing is lost to salaries, fees or administrative costs at LLK.

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Supporting Parkinson’s Awareness Month in Second Life

The Oasis – via Creations for Parkinson’s

April 11th, 2019 is World Parkinson’s Day, intended to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease, promoting a greater understanding of this condition and how it can affect a person. To mark it, many countries are marking April as Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. In Canada and the United States, this is being supported by the Parkinson Society Canada and American Parkinson Disease Association. Other countries around the world are holding more focus events. In the UK, for example, there will be a Parkinson’s Awareness Week (April 10-16th), supported by Parkinson’s UK.

Within Second Life, Creations For Parkinson’s/Events For Parkinson’s have partnered with Miss Globe Universal Charity Foundation to also mark Parkinson’s Awareness Month, with The Oasis, which opened its doors on April 1st, 2019, and which will run through until Sunday, April 21st.

Over twenty merchants and creators have signed-up for the event, which is being held at a special Egyptian-themed setting. In addition, there will be two fashion shows to accompany the event:

  • Sunday, April 7th, 2019 at 10:00am SLT.
  • Saturday, April 20th,  2019, at 10:00am SLT.

There are also two fun hunts. In the first, look for miniature pyramids in the stores. Purchase them for L$15 each (all donations to the charity). In the second, visit one of the two Great Pyramids. The camel guide you through the dark entrance into the stunning treasure house of the ancient Pharaohs. Find hidden treasures among the gems. Don’t be fooled though, some of the jewels are a trap.

In addition, the second Great Pyramid contains a mysterious maze – can you find the hidden entrance and make your way around the interior and discover artefacts and locate magnificent Golden room at the heart of the tomb?

The Oasis

About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition. In Europe, approximately 1.2 million people have their lives impacted by the disease, and in the United States it is the second most common neuorlogical disorder after Alzheimer’s.

“Neurodegnerative” is a term referring to a progressive loss of nerve cells (neurons) and/or their function. Neurodegeneration from Parkinson’s disease can give rise to a wide spectrum of symptoms which vary among sufferers depending on the severity of the disease’s impact, what’s more symptoms can be unpredictable and can vary on a time scale as short as one minute. As the disease progresses, symptoms can worsen; for example, over time a person may not be able to move, speak or swallow. This can often arise 4-8 years after the initial onset of Parkinson’s disease.

The cause of the disease is unknown, and there are no known successful treatments which can delay or stop its progression. To further complicate matters, because of the broad range of symptoms, Parkinson’s may be initially misdiagnosed. In addition, while it is most often seen as a disease affecting people of 50 or older, a form of Parkinson’s disease can strike people at a much younger age, and one in twenty of the 8 million Parkinson’s sufferers worldwide is below the age of 40. Known as Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD), this differers from older onset Parkinson’s, both because genetics appears to play a stronger role in it, and the symptoms may differ, as does response to medication.

Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month is intended to raise public awareness of the disease, its impact, and to encourage people to help support those affected by Parkinson’s by encouraging them to donate to organisations carrying out research into finding a cure or adequate treatment for the disease. As noted above, these organisations include the likes of the Parkinson Society Canada, the American Parkinson Disease Association, and Parkinson’s UK.

The Oasis event in April, also as noted above, aims to raised funds to help with the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, which has to date raised some US $800 million for research initiatives.

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Le Cirque de Nuit in Second Life

Courtesy of Idle Rogue

April is upon us, and with it comes a variety of events across Second Life, including Idle Rogue’s Le Cirque de Nuit. Opening on Friday, April 19th, this is one of the most popular of Idle Rogue’s productions, loosely based on Erin Morgenstern’s novel, The Night Circus. 

The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazement. It is called Le Cirque des Rêves, and it is only open at night.

– Cover copy of The Night Circus

Directed by Blaze DeVivre with the assistance of Sho Kyong, Idle Rogue’s production is described as a steampunk circus in black and white, and uses the novel’s setting as a background. Within the show, Idle Rogue presents dance acts with steampunk, illusion and circus themes. Each is built, as is the Idle Rogue tradition, by the dancer performing it; some of the acts are carried forward from the previous year and some are new to this year’s performance to offer a unique and new presentation for audiences.

A bunch of us in Guerilla Burlesque had read the book, just based on each other’s reading recommendations, then cherryblondscribe (Executive Producer of Idle Rogue and ) and Glorianna Maertens got together and said let’s do a production that draws from the circus at the centre of the story … Acts each take on themes from the novel and putting the individual performer’s twist on it, some that are circus inspired more generally, and some that are a fantasy all their own.

– Blaze DeVivre, Le Cirque de Nuit’s director

True to the novel, the Circus acts, props and costumes are created in black and white. Dance acts are interspersed with viewings of art installations constructed in blazing colour, with both Bryn Oh and Cica Ghost among the artists supporting the show.

Also joining the production once again is Seanchai library’s Caledonia Skytower, who will present selected readings from The Night Circus.

You can read more about the 2018 and in interview with director Blaze DeVivre, as conduct and written by R. Crap Mariner in these pages.

Courtesy of Idle Rogue

Performance Dates

All times SLT.

  • Friday, April 19th and Friday, April 26th: 22:00.
  • Saturday, April 20th: 14:00.
  • Sunday, April 21st: 19:00.
  • Saturday, April 27th: 19:00.
  • Sunday, April 28th: 14:00.


There is no admission fee for attending a performance, but seating is limited and must be booked in advance. This can be done by contacting  Saturday Melody in-world stating the date on which you would like to attend a performance. You will receive confirmation of your booking once it has been processed. Timestamps of messages received by Saturday Melody will determine the order in which bookings are processed.

Celebrating SL Women 2019

Celebrating SL Women 2019

In 2018, as a means of celebrating International Women’s Day, Kyoko (Samara Barzane) and Brooke Brandenburg of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS), established a means of honouring women in SL who have contributed to “making SL a better place through their contributions.”

We wanted to do something a bit more than just a celebration so we came up with the idea of honouring ten Second Life women. And that’s what we are doing. Last year was a roaring success. So here we are again!

– Kyoko describing the Celebrating SL Women event

Nominations for come from a mix of names submitted by the event organisers and their assistants, CDS residents and – for this year, suggestions from the 2018 awardees. Names are then filtered down on the basis of some basic criteria, including the fact that the final list must comprise women who are still active in Second Life, until 10 honourees were agreed upon.

For 2018, those honoured were Treacle Darlandes, Sudane Erato, Rosie Gray, Kikuyu Kikutsuru, Nuala Marcus, Marianne McCann, Caryl Meredith, Bryn Oh, Strawberry Singh and Robin Sojourner Wood.

2019 Honourees

On Saturday, March 23rd, between 12:00 noon and 14:00 SLT, a special event will be held at the Gallery Barzane recognising this years honourees. they are:

  • Callipygian Christensen, an active member of the CDS community, an artist and DJ.
  • Laetizia Coronet: historian, aviator, photographer, modeller, and storyteller through her Flickr pages and her SL profile.
  • Gentle Heron, a founder and volunteer of the Virtual Ability community in Second Life, and mentor to users with disabilities.
  • Delia Lake, CDS resident, landscaper, educator and published author.
  • Leondra Larsson, teacher, mentor, and advocate for people with disabilities, work now works with Guardian At Litum as an advocate for children in dire circumstances.
  • Theresa Linden, Concierge in Second Life Customer Support.
  • Gabrielle Riel, community builder and founder of Radio Riel.
  • Elizabeth Tinsley, executive director of Fantasy Faire.
  • Imajika Wirefly, Director of Events for Survivors of Suicide.

It is my sincere privilege to say that the tenth person selected to be honoured in 2019 is myself.

2019 Honourees

I’m honoured to be included among such a diverse and richly talented group, and would like to pass on my genuine thanks to the  residents of CDS, and to this year’s organisers, Kyoko and Emilia Avindar for considering and selecting me.

I look forward to seeing and meeting my fellow honourees at the reception on March 23rd, between 12:00 noon and 14:00 SLT, and I hope those of you who can will join us at Gallery Barzane.

About the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS)

Currently comprising six regions, the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS) is the oldest, continuously-running democratic estate in Second Life.Loose themed on Germanic, Alpine, Tuscan, or Mediterranean styles, the regions present an all-encompassing government based on citizen participation, with elections to the Representative Assembly held each six months, and the work of the Representative Assembly supported in its work by a Scientific Council.  This governing structure is not role play, as might appear to be the case: it is more a residents co-op, not unlike the way apartment buildings are managed in real life, where every landowner is a “citizen” and is granted the right to vote and be elected to manage the overall space.

Among the goals for this project are: to enable ownership of high-quality public, private, and open-space land; create a themed yet expressive community of public and private builds; and implement novel democratic forms of self-government within Second Life.