Celebrating music, films and dance in Second Life

The Listening Room

Second Life offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy music, films, dancing and dance troupes in Second Life; however, R. Crap Mariner and Marx Dudek bring all of these together deep inside the bowels of Mount Edloe, on Crap’s home region of Edloe.

It is here, either reached via the road winding up the mountain from the lands beneath, or via direct teleport, visitors can find three interconnected venues: The Listening Room, The Screening Room and the Bad Luck Steak Gallery.

“The Listening Room (or TLR for short),” Marx explains, “Began as a private place for me to lure friends out of my IM box and into a common space where I could chat with them all at once – with the promise of music. I try to play a set every Wednesday night from 6-8pm SLT. Feel free to stop by!”

Bad Luck Streak Gallery

TLR is the largest space (by volume) in the mountain, offering something of an industrial chic environment of high brick walls, shipping containers, pipes and metal catwalks and stairs. The shipping containers form the backdrop to a DJ’s booth, with pallets and trolleys topped with mattresses, bolsters and cushions offering a cosy sitting area close by, alongside an impressive collection of vinyl records. Billy Bragg, Bowie, the Goons and more look down from posters on the walls, while HMV is celebrated via graffiti on one wall.

Opening off of The Listening Room, but connected to it over all four levels, the Bad Luck Streak Gallery is curated by Crap and is a showcase of dance troupes from across SL, (and also of Crap’s own photography). Each level of the gallery space has a number of framed slide shows on display – each representing the work of a specific dance troupe in Second Life. Click an image on any frame for a dialogue box of options, including paging back / forward through the slides and receiving a copy of any individual images you like. Push pins in front of each of the frames provide a landmark to the specific dance troupe’s theatre / home region, and may also offer a note card of information.

Bad Luck Streak Gallery

Crap notes of the gallery, “There are a lot more dance troupes out there in Second Life. My friend Sho Kyong got me into Dance Performance in Second Life. She kept inviting me to Guerilla Burlesque performances, and I finally made the time to see for myself. Now, I roam from performance to performance, trying to capture a moment of motion and emotion. I did my best to display as many groups as possible here, but I only have so much wall space and prims to work with. And I don’t know about every dance group in Second Life.” Personally, I think this is a superb resource for anyone wishing to discover, with almost 40 troupes represented, and Crap unsells the emotions caught in the images.

Connected to The Listening Room via the stars climbing the various catwalks (and a passage in the mountain) or via the ornate Maxivator elevator, The Screening Room sits atop both The Listening Room and the Bad Luck Streak Gallery (and so in the first venue to be reached as visitors enter the mountain’s tunnel after climb the road up from the rest of the region. With a foyer area offering an eclectic mix of movie posters and where refreshments might be had, a red carpet lead the way to the screening room proper.

The Screening Room

“A long time SL dream of mine realised,” Marx says of it. “I finally have a movie theatre! I will be showing films every Wednesday, and other nights as well. Foreign films, classic films, B-movies, documentaries, music movies, and more!” At the time of my visit, the film on offer was 2007’s Fears of the Dark, scheduled for a Thursday – although I confess, I’m not sure which Thursday.

Hidden within Edloe mountain, all three offer a great set of venues, although both The Listening Room and The Screening Room are best suited to smaller numbers. Those wishing to be kept appraised of events at both can join The Listening Room group via the group joining in TLR.

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Lab’s Christmas 2017 Shop and Hop event opens

Shop and Hop / Shop ‘Til You Drop – until January 1st, 2018

The Shop and Hop (or Shop ‘Til You Drop, if you prefer the region descriptions) event, organised by Linden Lab, and featuring 60 SL merchants and designers, has opened its doors to shoppers.

Following the success of the SL14B in-world shopping event, in November, the Lab posted an invitation for merchants to sign-up for a Christmas event which would be timed to run through the holiday season until January 1st, 2018. The invitation in part described the event thus: “We are looking for merchants willing to offer a discount on some of their items (think Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!) and possibly provide a little non-exclusive gift to holiday shoppers.”

The result is 60 stores within the event’s mall-style environment offering a broad cross-section of goods: clothing, accessories, jewellery, homes and prefabs, furnishings, decor, landscaping, boats, novelty items – all of which makes the event something for everyone.

The mall is the same 3-region space used for the SL14B event, with the buildings redressed for a more seasonal look: ponds are frozen, stripped candies rise from flower planters, decorative wreaths and snowflakes are mounted on walls, together with wintry scenes photographed from around Second Life, while many of the participating merchants have also dressed their store spaces for the event.

In all, the participating merchants are: !APHORISM!, !Rebel Hope Designs, .{PSYCHO:Byts}., .TeaBunny., [ JUSTICE ], [ west end ], /*KC|Couture* /, *YS&YS*, #adored, ~Tableau Vivant~, ADRIATIC line, alaskametro<3, alme., amara beauty, Apple May, AZ Emporium, bella moda, Blueberry, by Crash, Cae, Canimal, Cheeky Pea, ChiC buildings – surrounds – prefabs – decor props and poses, CONSTRUCT, Contraption, Dictatorshop, Dynamic Evolutions, e l i a v a h ~, E.V.E, Envious,  etham, eXxEsS Hair, Fancy Decor, Grimes Central Design (GCD MESH),  Heart Trees Flowers Plants, hello dave, Hucci, ISON, Lapointe Bastchild, Lemon Chilliz, Lune Bleue, MadPea, Maven Homes, Maxi Gossamer, MOCO HOMES Emporium, Musa, Nani, Never Totally Dead … , New CHEZ MOI Furnitures, NOX. & Third Eye,  PATRON, Petit Chat, Potomac Signature Homes, ROC, Sweet Thing, The Forge & EZ, The Mesh Shop, Vanity Hair, http://www.studio-skye.com, zed designz  and Zibska.

All of the regions are rated Moderate, and the SLurls to each are:

the SLurls to the regions are:

2017 Creepy Crawl in Second Life

Scare Me Silly: one of the destinations for the 2017 Creepy Crawl

Following their recent call for venues, Linden Lab announced the route for this year’s Halloween Creepy Crawl on Monday, October 30th, via a blog post by Xiola Linden.

The Creepy Crawl is a growing tradition whereby Lindens and Residents get dressed up in their best Halloween costumes and roam from spooky spot to spooky spot for music, dancing, and celebrating.

Costumes are strongly encouraged for this event – and L$5,000 is available in a special costume contest (rules here). Just keep in mind that this event is for General and Moderate audiences when perfecting your look. There is also a special  witch hat pack from DevilAii available from vendors placed along the Crawl route.

As Xiola has blogged, the event will take place between 10:00 and 14:00 SLT on Tuesday, October 31st, and will be moving through a number of selected venues:

In the middle of all this, from 12:00 noon to 13:00 SLT, there will be a stop-off for the Pumpkin Smash Fight. This will take place at the old snowball fight arena, which has been specially redressed for the occasion.

The Pumpkin Fight Area

For Max and Lyrric: L$ one million raised in Second Life

For Max – October 3rd through 10th, 2017 – Over L$ 1,000,000 raised

The For Max event closed its doors on Tuesday, October 10th having broken through the L$ 1,000,000 barrier of funds raised to help Maxwell Graf and his partner in the physical world, Lyrric Fei.

The event was rapidly put together by Charlotte Bartlett, Sophia Harlow and Blazin Arubet with the assistance of Apple Fall and Shiny Shabby, at extremely short notice after Max reveal he and Lyrric were facing a heartbreaking plight thanks to a physical world situation (both have been on an overland journey to start a new life after the situation forced them out of house and home).

Writing on the event’s Facebook page, Charlotte Bartlett said:

I am literally shaking as I write this, as the level of love, help and generosity of the Second Life Community has shown us what true spirit means. The amount raised has topped across the donations/raffle and creator items over 1,000,000 Linden. This hopefully gives our Max a safety net for the short-term so he and his family can start to plan their new chapter. A list of all sales is already available to Max for audit (locked script) and donations/raffle in addition.

The total equates to just over  US $4,000, which will help Max and Lyrric in starting their new life. Nor is that all.

As I reported when For Max opened, Kylie Sabra also launched a sale of her art in support of Max and Lyrric, which ran for the same period as the shopping event. I’ve reached out to Kylie with an enquiry on how things went, but have yet to hear back. When I do, I’ll update this article.

Don’t forget as well, that even if you missed the For Max events, you can still help Max and Lyrric by visiting Rustica, their fabulous in-world store and purchasing one or two of Max’s range of furnishings, apparel, accessories, building kits and more.

Also benefiting Max and Lyrric, Kylie Sabra raised an additional L$ through the sale of her art

This is the second time this year a respected, liked and loved creator in Second Life has encountered a major life-impacting crisis, only to see the community in which they have so long played a role rally around, unbidden in support – and with remarkably similar outcomes.

In April 2017, I was privileged to work with Saffia Widdershins on Filling the Cauldron, an event aimed at helping and supporting creator Elicio Ember and his family. held over a near-identical period, that event  also raised US $4,000. The speed of response, support and outpouring at both these events again shows not only the generosity of all those involved, whether as organisers, participating creators or artists or entertainers, or as attendees shopping and donating – but also the depth of caring for one another inherent in the Second Life community.

Thank you to Charlotte, Sophia, Blazin and all involved in For Max.  To Max and Lyrric: stay safe and stay warm – and see you in Second Life soon!

Lab calls for Creepy Crawl 2017 venues in Second Life

Do you have a suitably creepy venue with space enough to entertain, indoors or out? Why not sign-up to be a part of the Lab’s 2017 Creepy Crawl for Halloween?

The Creepy Crawl is becoming something of a Second Life tradition, and is back once more. Xiola Linden has put out a call for venues interested in hosting the 2017 travelling meet-up with a chance to chat with members of the Lab’s staff, as it winds its way across the grid.

The event will take place on Tuesday, October 31st, between 10:00 and 14:00 SLT. In particular, the Community Team is looking for suitable venues where there is room for people to mingle, chat,have a little fun and offer suitable ambience for the time of year, as the blog post explains:

Are you unafraid of things that go bump in the night? Love a screaming good time with fellow Residents, and dressing up in your Halloween best? Well, it is that time of year when once more – a-haunting we will go!

If you’d like to host a stop along the Creepy Crawl, own a spot that will be decked out for the holiday, and don’t mind if a parade of Residents and Lindens come through, then you might be just what the witch doctor ordered. We’re looking for spots that will have music, are appropriate for general and moderate audiences, and can handle a crowd.

If the event is run along the same lines at 2016, it will likely see selected venues visited for around 30 minutes at a time (although this is subject to confirmation), and people will be welcome to join the entire Creepy Crawl, or drop in and out of it as they wish.

Those interesting in offering a venue for consideration are asked to:

Here’s how to submit your venue for consideration:


Rally to Rescue supporting Operation Delta Dog

Rally to Rescue – October 1st through 20th, 2017

Running through until October 20th, 2017 is the fourth Rally to Rescue event in Second Life in support of Operation Delta Dog.

Founded in 2013, Operation Delta Dog, a non-profit organisation, uses with experienced trainers and positive-reinforcement methods, rescues homeless dogs from Massachusetts shelters and breed rescue groups and trains them to work as assistance dogs with local veterans who are suffering with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

It was founded by Trisha Blanchet after she read reports that as many as 22 US service veterans a day were taking their lives after serving their country in war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan, then finding themselves unable to readjust to private life due to PTSD / TBI. At the same time, she was aware that up to 50,000  dogs a year in Massachusetts alone wind up on the streets – and as many as 50% of them are destroyed as homes cannot be found for them. Given that trained assistance dog supporting veterans with invisible disabilities were in short supply, Trisha saw a means to form a link between the plight of homeless dogs and the plight of veterans, and offer a brighter future for both.

Organised by the Ghost Bullys Motorcycle Club is Second Life, Rally To Rescue is a shopping event featuring 32 designers, all of who are offering items for sale with 100% of all proceeds going to Rally to Rescue and thence to Operation Delta Dog.

There are shapes, accessories, fashion and furnishings to be had, together dog kennels for the discerning SL dog owner, motorbikes and things for Halloween. Some of the items have a canine theme, and all are presented in a pleasant meadow-like environment high above the GBMC’s headquarters. In addition, those who prefer can donate through the kiosk boxes intermingled with the vendor boards.

Rally to Rescue – October 1st through 20th, 2017

So, don’t forget to hop along to Rally To Rescue before October 20th and, at the very least, drop a few Lindens into the donation boxes for a worthy cause. Help a homeless dog get the home it needs, and a veteran get the help they deserve.

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