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MadPea announce UNIA to close: “Every dream has to end”

MadPea Games has announced that UNIA, their ground-breaking experience-based game of nightmare and mystery, is coming to an end. The final sleep with come on July 31st, 2016.

UNIA opened just over a year ago after more than two years of extensive development work, and presented perhaps the most immersive, broad-ranging horror / mystery game yet seen in Second Life.  I was privileged to be both witness to the development work and had the  opportunity to visit and explore UNIA ahead of the official opening, and so can vouch both for the amount of work poured into it and the intense, rich nature of the game.

Combining mystery with first-person adventure and combat activities, UNIA can require between 10 and 12 hours to complete, and players can tackle the adventure in stages, free to leave and return / resume whenever they like (up until the closing date!). There is much to be found and collected as players progress through the game – and gathering items, surviving attacks, etc., all accumulate points (recorded by the game HUD) which can later be traded for prizes.

As well as featuring the work of the incredibly talented MadPea team, the dream / nightmare scenes experienced throughout UNIA have been created by some of SL’s foremost artists: Rebeca Bashly, Caer Balogh, Zachh Barkley, Jaimy Hancroft, Fuschia Nightfire, Bryn Oh, Wildcat Snowpaw, Lindsey Warwick, Abramelin Wolfe, BlueSean Yiyuan and Silex Zapedzki. make UNIA a truly unique experience.

The announcement of the closure reads in part:

UNIA was a dream come true for us at MadPea but every dream has an ending and UNIA’s end is nigh!

July 31st UNIA will close and the zombie chickens will be returned to their pens, the sandworms will bury themselves forever and the Dreamers will drift off to restful sleep forever more.

To mark the closure, MadPea have abolished the Silver and Bronze player packages and slashed the cost of the Gold package in half to just L$500.

So, if you’ve not found a reason or felt you’ve had the time to try UNIA for yourself – now is the time to do so, before all the strange, mysterious and sometimes deadly inhabitants leave us to forever sleep in peaceful dreams…

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The Windlight / MadPea Interview photo contest

Will you take the call and join The Interview contest?

Will you take the call and join The Interview contest?

Windlight and MadPea Games have teamed up for a new photo competition using MadPea’s latest grid-wide mystery puzzle game, The Interview.

Up for grabs are three cash prizes with the winner also getting a couple of nice bonuse prizes:

  • 1st place – L$2,500, together with a L$1,000 MadPea gift card and a double page ad in Windlight Magazine
  • 2nd Place – L$1,500
  • 3rd Place – L$1,000.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is join in with The Interview, and then photograph yourself at any of the locations used by the game.

HUDs for the game can be purchased from the WindLight Gallery or from the MadPea Base.  General information on playing the game can be found on the MadPea website.

When you’ve purchased the HUD, await further instructions – and get ready for your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the very secret Goliathus Society, and not only have a chance of winning the prizes in the Windlight Magazine Photo Contest, but also reap the rewards of your successes in surviving taking The Interview!

General Guidelines

  • All photos have to be posted in the official MadPea-Windlight Interview Photo Contest Group
  • No more than 2 submissions per entrant
  • When posting your photos please use the following naming convention: MadPea Interview Photo Contest – Photo #1-Your SL Name (please do not use display names). Add a #2 if you are submitting a second photo
  • All photos must:
    • Include the SLurl of The Interview location that you used (please make sure you obtain the permission of the venue owner to use their location in your submissions, and be respectful of region rules and covenants)
    • Be new and original, but you can add the photo to other groups
  • Nudity or adult behaviour is not allowed
  • Editing via Photoshop, Gimp, or any other graphics tools is permitted.

All entries must be submitted by midnight, Sunday May 15, 2016, and the Flickr date and time stamps will be used to assess whether or not entries meet this criteria, so check your time zones. Winners will be announced on Wednesday May 25th, 2016.

Judges will be independent of the contest and cannot enter this contest. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: creativity, originality, technique, incorporation of the location in your photos and following of submission and guideline rules.

Are you ready for The Interview in Second Life?

madpea-logoMadPea games open the doors on their latest grid-wide mystery puzzle game, The Interview on Sunday, April 3rd. Details on what it is all about have yet to be revealed – but there is a clue in the title, and it involves an organisation called the Goliathus Society. This appears to be a very secret society (one no doubt with a very dark secret!), everyone want to join – and a rare opportunity to be a part of the organisation has arisen.

Ahead of the official opening, the lucky winners the recent Interview Photo Contest and Interview  Writing Contest will have 24 hours access to the game before the doors open to the public, as well as access to the MadPea team for help and support. You can read about the winners and see their entries on the MadPea result pages for the photo contest and the writing contest – and I have to say, the winning entry in the latter makes for entertaining reading 🙂 .

To further whet appetites, Kess Crystal from MadPea e-mails with a short note to say the trailer for The Interview is now out, and I’m embedding it below.

So, if you’ve always wanted to be a part of a secret society, and gain a benefits package (aka prizes) for some of SL’s popular designers,  get ready to take part in the Interview.

MadPea readies for The Interview in Second Life

madpea-logoMadPea Games are gradually ramping-up for their next game, offering people the chance to win a Gold Pass VIP access to the game, which includes a personal welcome from Queen Pea, Kiana Writer, plus MadPea himself and many of the MadPea crew who will be on-hand to provide assistance to lucky winners as they take their Gold HUD, outfit and accessories, and enjoy 24 hours access to the game before it opens to the public.

The Interview, a grid-wide mystery puzzle game, will launch on April 3rd. Details on what it is all about have yet to be revealed – but there is a clue in the title, and it involves an organisation called the Goliathus Society.

The curious can check out the vendors who are supplying elements of the successful applicants benefits package (aka prizes), while those wishing to try their hands at gaining early access to the game can have a go at The Interview Photo Contest and / or the Interview Writing Contest.

Interview Photo Contest

For the photo contest, which is open now through until Saturday March 26th, entrants are invited to show the MadPea team exactly what they would wear for THEIR interview with the Goliathus Society. Would it be formal, business, casual or, knowing MadPea, something more in keeping with planning for the unexpected? Show MadPea your best Interview themed outfit for a chance to win prizes!

Interview  Writing Contest

For the interview writing contest, which runs until Monday, March 28th, You need to write your best cover letter detailing why you  are the best candidate for a job with the Goliathus Society. You’ll need to use your imagination to decide what the society is hiring for, and what kind of skills, assets, and work experience might make you the ideal candidate. Then, in a covering letter, describe to the MadPea team why you are the best possible candidate and why Goliathus Society simply have to hire you!


General requirements for Entry

  • Both contests are note card only competitions. Entries must be submitted to the BRIGHT PINK mailbox at the MadPea Info Hub
  • Only one entry per avatar for either contest
  • Note cards should be titled:
    • Writing contest: The Interview Cover Letter [your name]
    • Photo contest: The Interview Photo Contest [your name]
    • Please only use yours avatar name – not your display name
  • Cover Letter contest entries must not exceed 250 words
  • Photo contest entries must include;
    • A full permission copy of your image ( your image will not be sold, or shared outside of MadPea, But may be used/displayed for promotion on the MadPea blog, website, or notices)
    • A few sentences explaining why you choose your outfit.
    • Photos may be edited externally to Second Life, but this is not required
  • Winners for both contests will be announced by MadPea on Tuesday, March 29th.

For full entry criteria and rules please visit either the MadPea Interview Photo Contest page, or the MadPea Interview Writing Contest page.


The following prizes will be awarded in each contest to the top three entries, as judged by the MadPea team:

  • 1st place – Interview VIP Pass. Which will give you 24 hours early access to the game
  • 2nd place – L$1000 Madpea gift card
  • 3rd place – L$500 gift card.

See the MadPea blog for more on The Interview and their other in-world games.