Fingers and Maloe at DixMix Gallery in Second Life

Finger Scintilla - DixMix Gallery
Finger Scintilla – DiXmiX Gallery

The latest exhibition at DiXmiX Gallery, which opened on Wednesday, November 23rd 2016, features the art of Fingers (Fingers Scintilla) and Maloe Vansant, together with a new display of work by gallery owner and curator, DixMix Source.

Maloe and Fingers are ideally suited to be exhibited together: there is something of a similarity in style and vision in their work, and the pieces displayed at DiXmiX underline this perfectly, presenting a combined, yet highly individual pairing of studies.

Maloe Vansant - DixMix Gallery
Maloe Vansant – DiXmiX Gallery

Maloe’s pieces, drawn from DiXmiX’s personal collection of her work, are on display in the foyer gallery space, on both the lower and mezzanine levels. In all, ten images are displayed, two of them in a very large format, with a focus on the female face. All are striking, using light and shadow, colour and tone to extraordinary effect, to produce pieces with incredible emotive depth.

What particularly struck me about several of the pieces is the way they might be seen not only as studies of the human face, but also as the face as a landscape. A place where colour and shadow mix with the rise of cheek, arch of eyebrow, pout of lips, sweep of nose and covering of flowers, to impart a feeling that the eye is travelling over a new country; a place steeped in emotion, memory and feeling. Look again, and the emphasis shifts, as we are drawn to a particular feature: lips and eyes particularly; and with that shift comes new interpretations.

Maloe Vansant - DixMix Gallery
Maloe Vansant – DiXmiX Gallery

Walk through the gallery from the foyer, and you’ll pass through the Black and Grey Galleries, featuring images by Gaus (Cicciuzzo Gausman) and DiXmiX Source respectively. Again, these present images on a similar theme: the female form; both artists offering a series of sensual and in some instances, erotic studies.

Finger Scintilla’s work occupies the White Gallery. Here are twelve images which again offer facial studies and employ a vibrant, living use of colour, tone and light  to quite remarkable – might I say startling – effect.  Several of the pieces have a feeling of abstraction about them, others a suggestion of collage. All are powerful in content.

Take Electric Fervour and The Future Is Mine Only, both seen at the top of this article. Each is incredible in its presentation and depth. Each reaches out us and hold us in a way which is not just down to their sheer size; there is life within them; a life most clearly expressed through their eyes. Nor are these two images alone. There is an expression of life which permeates all of Finger’s images displayed here. Each of them leaves one with the unshakeable feeling that if the eyes are – as the old saying goes – the window of the soul, then Fingers is giving us a glimpse into the souls of his subjects.

Finger Scintilla - DixMix Gallery
Finger Scintilla – DiXmiX Gallery

Together, these are two fabulous exhibitions of work by two remarkable artists. Neither should be missed while on display at DiXmiX Gallery. Fingers’ work will remain on display through until the beginning of January, and Maloe will be at the Gallery through until the end of February.

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Lost in Space in Second Life – Wednesday Nov 23rd

Caitinara Bar
Caitinara Bar

We all love space and science-fiction to one degree or another. That’s why, from 16:00 through 18:00 SLT on Wednesday, November 23rd at Caitinara Bar, we’re presenting another of our themed Music with Anthony evenings for your enjoyment!

Lost In Space is an evening for celebrating sci-fi and space music down through the decades, from classics like Fly Me to the Moon all the way to Rihanna’s Sledgehammer (from Star Trek Beyond), there is a wealth of music to be enjoyed.

Time travellers from all eras, whether travelling via armchair or blue police box or via portal or accelerator - all are welcome at Caitinara Bar!
Time travellers from all eras, whether travelling via armchair or blue police box or via portal or accelerator – all are welcome at Caitinara Bar!

So, we’re Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft to join us as we set out Star Trekkin’. Dig out your favourite spacey, fantasy or sci-fi theme outfit (or avatar!), and come down to the beach and Caitinara Bar, where everything has been given a suitable makeover for the evening.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Kirk’s time or Picard’s, whether you a Little Grey Man (or woman!) from the planet Xeraxthurb or a green Martian; we’ll here to welcome everyone from all corners of the universe – human, Narn, Centauri, Gorn, Cylon, whomever!

You may not lose your heart to a starship trooper, but you can at least shift into Interstellar Overdrive, Flash your funky costume  or ask if there is really Life on Mars – and all from the beach-side deck of Caitinara Bar!

We’ll be ready to beam you aboard from 4:00pm on Wednesday, November 23rd!

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2016 SL project updates 47: No Change windows and misc items

WeeVille, Oyster Bay; Inara Pey, November 2016, on Flickr WeeVille, Oyster Bayblog post

Server Deployment No  Change Window

As this is Thanksgiving week in the United States, there are no deployments for week #47. The next deployment should be on Wednesday, November 30th, with a new server maintenance package to be deployed to the RC channels. While the full details of what it will comprise aren’t available, it will apparently include a fix for a data server crash which, although rare, can affect multiple regions when it happens.

SL Viewer

There have been no changes to the current viewer pipeline this week.Viewer release updates are generally a part of the no change window, however, in recent times a couple of RC / project viewers have slipped out unexpectedly. Currently, there are updates anticipated to the Bento RC viewer, but whether or not this might slip through and appear before the Lab closes for an extended Thanksgiving weekend is debatable. A new Maintenance RC is also anticipated in the near future as well.

At the moment, the pipeline is as follows:

  • Current Release version:, dated November 10th, promoted November 15th – formerly the Maintenance RC viewer
  • Project Bento  RC (avatar skeleton extensions), version, dated November 15th – bug fixes
  • 360-degree snapshot viewer, version, dated November 9th – ability to take 360-degree panoramic images – hands-on review
  • Obsolete platform viewer, version, dated May 8, 2015 – provided for users on Windows XP and OS X versions below 10.7.

Other Items

Duplicated No Copy Items

Concern is growing about people who are using region crash exploits to duplicate No copy objects (particularly those from Gatchas) and then putting them up for sale on the Marketplace. The problem isn’t necessarily new, but is spreading. Various ideas have been put forward on how the situation might be dealt with, while the Lab is also aware of the problem and investigating what might be done. However, the caution at this point is that there is unlikely to be a simple fix for the issue.

Bento Meeting

A reminder that there is no Bento meeting either this week – Thursday November 24th – due to Thanksgiving or next week – Thursday, December 1st. This means the next Bento User Group meeting will now be on  Thursday, December 8th, at the usual time of 13:00 SLT at the Hippotropolis Camp Fire Circle.