llTakeControl and Horizons Experience – update

Horizons Experience may have robots on the loose, but stopping them is proving a bit harder for some than was intended
A fix for the Horizons gun issue some users may have been experiencing while using TPVs with the Horizons Experience (Quest 3) should be on its way.

Update, November 28th: Dee Linden pinged me in-world to let me know the forest quest guns have now been updated with the revised script, and should work with all viewers.

Horizons Gun

On November 19th, I wrote about how recent changes in behaviour to llTakeControl meant that some users on TPVs such as Firestorm and Alchemy have found the guns used in the third of the Horizons Experience quests (Quest 3, the forest shoot-out with robots) may not work with their viewer.

At the time, the problem appeared to be due to behaviour changes made to llTakeControl as a result of SVC-7532. As these changes with this fix could “break” existing weapons in Second Life, it was not adopted by some TPVs, and so the Horizons Gun would not work with them.

However, following my article, Sue W left a comment indicating that Firestorm 4.7.9 allowed the gun to work (but not Firestorm 4.7.7 or 4.7.10). This, together with the problem as a whole, prompted further investigation on the issue by members of the Firestorm team, several of the LDPW Moles and staff from the Lab, using the Horizons staging regions.

These investigations revealed that the Horizons gun works with Firestorm 4.7.9 due to a partial fix for llTakeControl issues (quite separate to SVC-7532)  which had been implemented with that release. However, as the fix had problems of its own, it was backed out for Firestorm 4.7.10 – hence why the horizons gun would not work with either 4.7.7 or 4.7.10 (except under very specific circumstances, as detailed in my previous article).

Further and extensive tests set-up by Quartz Mole, using both the Horizons Experience gun and the gun scripts used with Winter Wonderland (soon to officially reopen) revealed changes made to llTakeControl as a result of BUG-8265 were in fact responsible for the issues being experienced by some TPV users when trying to operate the Horizons gun. As a result, Quartz has re-worked the Horizons gun script, and testing shows it should now work with all viewers, and it will be deployed to the public gaming regions in the very near future.

Once the updated script is on the public horizons Experience Qeust 3, the guns should work with all viewers
Once the updated script is on the public horizons Experience Qeust 3, the guns should work with all viewers


This still leaves the issue of SVC-7532, which can still break the behaviour of older gun systems. To avoid this, Firestorm have indicated that with their upcoming release, they will introduce a toggle option, as Alchemy is doing. This will take the form of an option in Preferences which will allow users to switch between “old” and “new” llTakeControl behaviours in accordance with the weapons they are using.

With thanks to Whirly Fizzle for the update information, and Quartz Mole for extensively banging on things or the Horizons gun fix.


Wintertime at The Mill in Second Life

The Mill, Pale Moonlight; Inara Pey, November 2016, on FlickrThe Mill, Pale Moonlight – click any image for full size

Friends Maxie Daviau and Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla) recently gave their Homestead region of The Mill a makeover and invited Caitlyn and I over to take a look as it opened to the public once more.

The last time we visited, spring was very much in the air; now with the northern hemisphere settling into the winter months, The Mill has taken on a snowy look to match. Several of the familiar elements which have marked the region are still there: the sailing boat off the coast; the windmill; the shed, cars and motorbikes; the little tram track and tram. But there is also much to see that is new.

The Mill, Pale Moonlight; Inara Pey, November 2016, on Flickr The Mill, Pale Moonlight

With snow lying heavy on the ground, and in places drizzling down from the sky, the time of year is immediately apparent. The trees stand frosted, some with boughs naked under the sky, others with leaves frozen and golden under the pale sunlight. Here and there the passage of vehicles and feet have churned the snow and brought forth the ground beneath, giving rise to sandy tracks across parts of the landscape.

The lighthouse still stands up on a hill, but the keen-eyed may note it now sports a new stripped paint finish, and the keeper’s house has gone from its base. Perhaps the keeper now lives in the little stone cottage further down the slope from the lighthouse. If he does, the zip line down from the side of the hill might offer a quick route to the tram-car!

The Mill, Pale Moonlight; Inara Pey, November 2016, on Flickr The Mill, Pale Moonlight

A farm with a chalet-style house sits towards the middle of the region. It’s a place where Christmas preparations are clearly in hand, although the cats are more content to spend time outdoors despite the snow, keeping watch on the horses. Nestled in the hills to the east of the lighthouse sits a villa which, despite looking like it might prefer the sun-kissed summers of the Mediterranean, offers visitors another seasonal greeting. Down the eastern slope from it, a frozen bay offers the chance for ice skating – don’t worry about the polar bears; they seem more curious than threatening!

For those who prefer a memory of summer, the beach to the north-east of the region remains sandy and free from snow. Gulls wheel, kites fly – but I think the wind keeping them aloft may well carry the same chill from the surrounding mountains as is felt by the rest of the land, so a beach walk may still require sweaters and coats!

The Mill, Pale Moonlight; Inara Pey, November 2016, on Flickr The Mill, Pale Moonlight

Just over the dunes from the beach, the local pier is open for business, offering hot drinks to warm hands and insides, a selection of nibbles for the hungry, and places to sit down and watch the world go by. While overhead nearby, a hot air balloon offers a perch where watchers can observe the comings and goings below them.

The Mill has always been beautifully photogenic, and this winter makeover is no exception. With trams, zip lines and sleds to ride, places to sit and cuddle or contemplate, spots indoors and out, it offers something for everyone looking for a little wintertime wandering.

The Mill, Pale Moonlight; Inara Pey, November 2016, on Flickr The Mill, Pale Moonlight

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