Lab blogs about web and Marketplace updates

On Friday, November 4th, Grumpity Linden posted news via the Tools and Technology blog, on the recent updates to the Lab’s web services which support Second Life, and improvements / updates recently made to the Second Life Marketplace.

It was the updates to the SL Marketplace which made up the bulk of the summary, which has been listed chronologically rather than via service. However, as people might prefer reading thing by subject matter, I’ve split the list of updates / improvements between the Marketplace and the Lab’s other web services.

The SL Marketplace updates and improvements, implemented in September and October 2016, comprise:

  • Fixes:
    • A fix for sorting reviews by rating.
    • A fix for duplicate charging of PLE subscriptions.
    • Fixes for some remaining hangers-on from the VMM migration (unassociated items drop down + “Your store has been migrated” notifications.
    • A fix to Boolean search giving overly broad results (BUG-37730)
    • A fix to the Marketplace for an issue where a Firefox update was ignoring browser-specific style sheet settings on Marketplace.
  • Disabling of fuzzy matches in search on the Marketplace so that search results will be more precise (+ a switch added to allow the Lab to enable or disable fuzzy matches in search).
  • Archived listings are no longer indexed.
  • If a store is renamed, all of its products are now re-indexed.
  • Blocked users can no longer send gifts through the Marketplace.

In term of the remain web services, Grumpity notes that the Lab has recently:

  • Provided a number of unspecified bug fixes for the support portal
  • Provided a fix for the “Create Your Own Map” link, which used to generate an invalid SLurl
  • Updated the new user sign-up flow to give more consistency in password requirements
  • Updated the Second Life System Requirements.

Finally, and launched just ahead of the November 2016 premium subscription offer, is a  Premium Membership landing page aimed at potential incoming new users as a part of the Lab’s rotating series of landing pages, and which currently features the premium subscription offer.

The new Second Life Premium landing page, highlighting the current Premium subscription offer, and launched on October 31sst, 2016
A part of the new Second Life Premium Membership landing page, highlighting the current Premium subscription offer, and launched on October 31st, 2016