CtrlAltStudio provides Oculus SDK 0.4.4 support and Mac build

CAS-logoOn December 4th, Oculus VR released the latest software version for the Oculus Rift, version 0.4.4. A beta release, it includes an number of bug fixes and improvements, while retaining  experimental support for Linux.

As a result of this update, Strachan Ofarrel (aka Dave Rowe in the physical world) released an updated version of the Alpha version of his CtrlAltStudio viewer on Friday, December 12th. Version Alpha 5 brings with it not only support for the SDK update but also, courtesy of Mac viewer developer Cinder Roxley, a Mac build as well.

As usual with the Alpha version of the viewer, this release is installed into its own directory / folder, and so can be installed alongside the current release version of the CtrlAltStudio Viewer. A clean install is not required if you have been running previous alpha versions.

Core updates in this release comprise:

  • Updated to Rift SDK 0.4.4. This fixes the overdone vignette (fading to black) around the Rift barrel image’ edges edges.
  • Updated position of notification messages and script dialogue boxes so that they’re visible and usable in Riftlook.
  • Modified Start+Back key behaviour on Xbox controller if Rift display is configured: if you’re not in Riftlook then you enter Riftlook the same as before; however if you’re already in Riftlook then it zeros sensors the same as Ctrl+Spacebar (instead of exiting Riftlook). To exit Riftlook with the Xbox controller, press the yellow ‘Y’ button.
  • Updates for Mac OSX build.

Hints and Tips

Also, don’t forget that each set of release notes for the Alpha version of the viewer includes a set of hints and tips for getting the best results when using the viewer with the Rift.  These include tips from Strachan and also discoveries made by other users, and are being added to over time. They include, but are not limited to:

  • If you have good frame rates, including while turning, set your Rift display to 75Hz: Control Panel > Display > Screen Resolution > Advanced Settings > Monitor
  • If you’re experiencing judder while turning then try to try disabling one or more of the “Dynamic prediction” … “Pixel overdrive” Oculus Rift options, consider configuring your Rift display to 60Hz, and possibly try enabling triple buffering in your display driver
  • Setting your Rift to be your primary monitor may also reduce judder [Estelle Pienaar]
  • If you have a stereoscopic 3D system, you may need to disable stereoscopic 3D display in order to stop the Rift’s display rate being reduced from 75Hz to 60Hz. [Estelle Pienaar]
  • If you have an Nvidia graphics card, adding an entry for the viewer in the Nvidia Control Panel 3D Settings and setting the preferred refresh rate to unlimited may let your Rift run at 75Hz without needing to make it your primary monitor [Phoenix]
  • If using Windows 7 and you’re experiencing juddering, try turning off Windows 7’s Aero. [Phoenix]
With floating text you may want to adjust the distance the floating text fades at so that distant text is not so annoying in Riftlook - one of the tips from Strachan
With floating text you may want to adjust the distance the floating text fades at so that distant text is not so annoying in Riftlook – one of the tips from Strachan

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