Second Life Mainland LI / prim allowance increase

The change in land impact (/ prim allowance) was noted in Mainland Full regions on the SLS channel as they started coming back on-line following the November 1st deployment restarts
The change in land impact (/ prim allowance) was noted in Mainland Full regions on the SLS channel as they started coming back on-line following the November 1st deployment restarts

Update, November 3rd: following the complete announcement on the prim changes and the timeline, full details on the changes for Mainland, and those to be applied to private regions are now available in this post.

The forums  in Second Life and elsewhere were agog on Tuesday, November 1st when Mainland users started noticing something amiss following the weekly Main (SLS) channel deployment and restart.

Region Land Impact / prim allowances for Mainland regions on the SLS channel had all increased!

Was it an error? Or if not a mistake, what was going on?

People started asking after the change almost as soon as Mainland regions on the RC channels were restarted
People started asking after the change almost as soon as Mainland regions on the RC channels were restarted

People started calling support to find out more, while speculation spread from the official forums to places such as SL Universe. The speculation prompted Patch Linden to issue a short statement:

Hi!  Over the next couple of days there will be some changes coming. The deploy will happen in stages. So as you see these changes rest assured it is normal and is happening as intended.

On November 3, we will post an official blog along with a video where I will have all of the information and details regarding these changes.

Keep an eye on the Official Blog, on Thursday for more info.  

So does this mean that Mainland LI / prim allowances have increased?  It does.

Does it mean that other increases are liable to follow? That is something you’ll have to wait until Thursday, November 3rd, to find out. I’ll have more at that time as well, including a chat with Patch, once the official announcement has been made.

With thanks to Patch and Pete Linden.

21 thoughts on “Second Life Mainland LI / prim allowance increase

  1. Just wanted to add that my land (rental in Swanbridge) increased by 1.5. Several other reports confirmed that the new mainland prim allotment was 22,500. So all those folks reporting double prims as a change are a bit off. It is a little confusing from the screenshot in this post since the land in question was already aparently a double prim lot LOL, but you can do the math and see that it couldn’t have doubled really from the amount of prims use unless someone was VERY busy putting out more stuff — not a bad thing!

    I am mostly going to be interested in any changes to private lands ( I don’t have any). Owners already had the ability to save money on tier awhile ago, so I am not terribly sure that this bonus will crossover to island lands. Time will tell. Meanwhile I have another 1600 prims to play with and that is a lovely thing. There are plenty of bad things you can say about mainland but I like the nostalgia and the cost savings. Would be good to see a comback there. I can remember when a 512 was going for 20,000 and SELLING ^^.


    1. I’d used the original shot as it more clearly showed the 22.5K limit (big red arrow! 🙂 ). However, you’re right the bonus factor has a slight risk of confusing things, so I’ve swapped the image for the other capture I grabbed yesterday during the roll.


  2. Even 50% more prims is not incentive for me to own unregulated mainland. I am unwilling to make a long term commitment when I have no way to know what will go up around me. I can’t help thinking that 50% more prims is the possibility for 50% more crap in some cases. It could also make it possible for beautiful builds, but I see a lot more of the former than the latter in my mainland travels. The land for sale that I would consider owning, in Nova Albion, Bay City, or Shermerville (as examples) is being snatched up by people who are charging a fortune to sell the land. I don’t see that changing with this new improvement. And for those who are saying that this might be Linden Labs’ way to compensate the mainland residents after they gave private estate owners lower tier, I would counter by saying at least the mainland owners are not being asked to pay an additional significant USD payment up front to receive the benefit. I will be interested to hear the official announcement on Thursday.


    1. @Thea

      I agree that mainland can be pretty ugly. Actually unregulated privates lands can be too LOL. For me the perfect option is a large grouping of private lands that are regulated (and often double prim making buffers between “renters”). I have lived in Winterfell a few times over the years — usually in the winter months when snow covers the ground and it is especially magical. I appreciated the rules that kept the contiguous community looking spiffy.

      As you say, private estate land will always have some advantages, terraforming with terrain choices and higher visitor capacity being the most obvious along with other estate tools. Many of the estate owners I talked to didn’t expect the bonus to include their properties. They would welcome it of course, but the prim count was not the reason that they chose private lands over mainland. Whatever happens, it will likely benefit SL as a whole and certainly be good for content creators, especially H and G.


    1. Linden Homes have increase to 175 LI. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should after the RC channel deployment on Wednesday, Nov 2nd.

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  3. Not everything has been increased. Many have been decreased. We’ve been running Tehama and Lusk for the last 13 years or so, and have depended on 15000. Lusk is now 12090, and Tehama is down to *4323*.

    So not everyone on the mainland is winning out here.


    1. Did you check before or after today’s RC channel deployment / restart (assuming you’re on RC channel, of course). If before, might be work checking again. If after, might be worth getting confirmation & filing a ticket.


      1. Yeah. It seems reporting has been adjusted a bit too, causing some initial confusion (but actually done to alleviate confusion down the road; and again I understand why) – but there have been no decreases.


    2. Ok – updating my previous post. Seems that reporting has changed as well and this was a false alarm. “Region Capacity” no longer shows the overall region capacity, but all the land owned in a region and it’s capacity (which makes more sense, actually).

      Wait for the blog post tomorrow. It’ll make everyone happy.


  4. Am I wrong in finding the rollout and subsequent announcement of this feature disturbing?
    Okay, more prims for the money is a good thing. Yes, that’s nice.
    But compare this with the rollout of Bento or the buydown price for private regions.
    Those were announced and then thoroughly tested before they were rolled out.
    Rolling out a surprise change to a customer base that they’ve known for over a decade to be an explosive mix of optimist and pessimist, and then teasing an announcement… is that wise?
    I’m already seeing speculation and frustration and the usual idle threats and the glass-half-empties (which end up the basis of my SecondLie jokes). And the valid questions… is it just Mainland, is it everyone, when does it come here, then another coin in the jukebox of endless Mainland-vs-Private Estate blah blah.
    They need to get the announcement, testing, and rollout in the right order.
    Otherwise, if they keep up that practice, well, it doesn’t matter how amazing Sansar is, they’re just going to alienate and frustrate a new hype cycle’s worth of developers and customers.



    1. They have. Those with a Linden Home now have 175 LI for their own use, up from the original 117 LI.


    2. Agreed. Okay, moving from 117 to 175 was nice, but, honestly, these are bare homes and I live in a bare bones home with not much set out because of the prims. 175 is pffft! I mean, thank you, LL, but, would 500 have killed you? lol


      1. Larger prim allocations is why we have the option to lease larger parcels from the Lab or go to a private estate and lease there. Yes, it costs more, but that cost is revenue to LL, and it’s the revenue LL receives that allows us to continue to enjoy SL regardless of what size plot of land we hold 🙂 .

        That said, with a little time and careful shopping, you should be able to make your Linden Home pretty comfortable on 175 LI. I spent just over a year living in mine in comfort and only 117 LI. That was enough for me to have a nice lounge, a gallery bedroom, my piano and nicknacks like paintings on the walls, a spare room and add lighting to the place.


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