Firestorm: updates ahead

The next update to Firestorm is still a little way off, in part due to the fact that the team is currently awaiting various fixes to known issues to filter through from Linden Lab.

In the meantime, the team are hard at work and, as well as fixing various Firestorm specific bugs and incorporating features that didn’t make it into the mesh beta release, are focused on addressing adoption issues – those things people have indicated are effectively show-stoppers where their adoption of Firestorm is concerned.

Missing in the mesh beta

While no date has been set for the next release (see comment re: Linden Lab fixes, above), here’s a summary of what to expect by why of Things to Come:

  • The Firestorm betas (both mesh and otherwise) currently tend to reset any Windlight settings following a relog or teleport, but a fix will be in the next release
  • The Contacts List (not the new Contact Sets feature) displaying both user name and display name in separate columns (something I reported on myself) in the mesh beta is in fact a bug, and will be corrected in the next release
  • The WORLD button for the ruler was removed from the Build floater during the beta mesh merge with LL’s code. This has proven unpopular among builders and the button (right) will be returned to the Build floater in the next release
  • The spell check feature, delayed from the mesh beta release, will be in the next release
Spell Check  coming to Firestorm (Phoenix shown)
  • Further updates to the AO should be available with the next release
  • Web Profiles: with the increased functionality in Web Profiles, Firestorm will include an Preferences option (under the FIRESTORM -> GENERAL tab):
    • The option will be off by default for the V1 (“Phoenix”) mode of the Viewer
    • The option will be on by default for the V2 / V3 modes of the Viewer
    • Personal note: I assume this refers to displaying ones own Web Profile, given Firestorm already includes a link to other people’s Web Profiles as a part of the in-world Profile display
  • The inventory “jump” issue – whereby the cursor bar jumps within the inventory window (usually to the top) on receipt of a notification, etc., is being investigated but may not be completed in time for the next release
  • Mesh uploads: work is progressing on enabling mesh uploads in Firestorm. The code is the work of Nicky Dasmijn, who has contributed code to the Firestorm project over time, and the uploader will be available for other TPVs as well. Some additional points:
    • The upload most likely won’t be in the next release. It is still a work-in-progress
    • Even with mesh rendering coming to Phoenix, Jessica is not committing as to whether or not the upload will be ported to Phoenix.

The adoption issues the team are specifically addressing for the next release are:

  • Mouselook zoom will be incorporated into Firestorm (go to Mouselook, press & hold right mouse button and zoom in/out with mouse wheel) – this will be especially useful for those involved in combat games in SL
  • Text search in Notecards will be included
  • For the V1 (“Phoenix”) mode of the Viewer, the team are trying to get all dialogue boxes to display in the top right corner of the Viewer window by default. This includes Group notices and anything else that in a V1.x Viewer would appear in the upper right corner of the screen
  • A longer term aim is to possibly have the V1 (“Phoenix”) mode of the Viewer display a more Phoenix-like top menu when selected. This is not a high priority for the time being, and isn’t strictly seen as an adoption issue.

Again, no release date is available for the next update to Firestorm, as so much depends on Linden Lab providing fixes to known issues at their end. Also, not all of the above will be in the next immediate release, as per the notes.

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