BURN2: Final countdown

This week, BURN2 enters the final countdown phase. Events commence on Saturday October 1st at 12:00 SLT (following the opening speeches at 11:00), and BURN2 runs until the 9th October, with sims closing to public access at 23:00 SLT.

Around the main event are a few special events that might be of interest:

  • Thursday 29th September: Builder’s / Playa preview from 08:00 SLT. Press and bloggers preview from 08:30 SLT. Press passes can be applied for here
  • Friday September 30th: special Burning Man, Regionals, and Rangers day open to Regional leadership, BURNING MAN staff, and Rangers, presenting them with the chance to see the virtual playa before it opens. Full details here
  • Saturday 15th October: Skin Burn: a final party. Details of access TBA.

The organisers have announced that mesh builds are not allowed at BURN2, although mesh clothing and avatars are allowed. The stated reason for the “no mesh” build policy is insufficient mesh rendering support among Viewers.

As well as the builds and invited artists, the week will feature a wide range of entertainment and other events. Some centre stage highlights for the weekend*:

Saturday 1st October (times SLT)

  • 11:00: opening addresses
  • 12:00: Mankind Tracer – music and dance
  • 13:00: Firedancer Yman Juran
  • 15:00-22:00: live music from Farrokh Vavoom, Mommaluv Skytower, Eio Tuqiri, FedordJones Popstar, Lillie Woodells, Doofus Luckless and Larree Quixote

Sunday 2nd October (times SLT)

  • 10:00: live music from Eio Tuqiri
  • 11:00: Ladyslipper Constantine & DRUM
  • 12:00-14:00 – live music from Rainbowrocks69 Resident, DedheadDMT Infinity and Bubba C John and the Bubbettes
  • 15:00: poet Karima Hoisan
  • 16:00: recording “The 1st Question” with hosts Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe
  • 17:00-22:00: live music with Truelie Telling, Strum Diesel, Vaughn Michalak, Grif Bamaisin, Chip Takacs and Mike Nelson.

*Times may vary as then final showcase is put together – be sure to check the main events calendar at the BURN2 website.

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