Radegast 2.0 released

In July, I reviewed Radegast 1.28.872 as part of a series on text clients for Second Life / OpenSim. As a part of that article, I took a quick look at the 3D scene renderer then under development.

I followed this up in August with an update on how the renderer was progressing.

Today, Latif Khalifa has announced Radegast 2.0, with the 3D viewer is now released. Not only that, but avatar physics are included and the ability to render mesh objects! Here, in full, is the announcement:

“The Radegast Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Radegast version 2.0.

“This release brings the 3D Scene Viewer that allows users to see the 3d worlds around them. Most of the object rendering features are implemented and functional, including the support for showing regular prims, sculpties and meshes, but one should keep in mind that this is still very experimental and might cause crashes. Known issues include: not entirely correct avatar rendering, no support for glow or flexible prims. If you do encounter problems please do report them in our issue tracker.

“In addition to the Scene Viewer, Radegast 2.0 comes with the support of the new avatar physics wearable type. There is also a crash reporter that will ask you to submit the crash reports should something unexptected happen. We encourage you to submit those reports as they make the future releases of Radegast better.”

I have to say that of all the “text” clients, Radegast is personally my favourite simply because of the scene rendering. so you won’t be surprised to learn I’ve already downloaded the .EXE file and will be trying it out – and reporting back – very shortly.

In the meantime, for those of you who’d like to try it, here are the links:

Those who prefer to verify download links before accepting files should use the download page link.

Congrats to Latif and the Radegast team.

The scene renderer (now referred to as the Scene Viewer) in action: