Kirsten’s Viewer: Jabba speaks

Jabba Aabye has posted over at Kirsten’s Viewer blog, on behalf of the entire team. The message is one of hope and thanks for all the support offered over the last few weeks.

On the Viewer in particular he states:

A lot of people have stepped forward to help, contribute and/or volunteer in a future plan for the Kirstensviewer-project. And not only the project, also for all the hard work that has been already done. But there might be some light on the horizon. Tho it is not official yet, there is some hope growing it will work out and benefit all of us. Details will come out in the coming weeks. Keep this website close to your mousepointer…

This is very encouraging feedback / news. Hopefully the team can find a way to keep the Viewer going and moving forward, especially after all the hard work they have put into things.

You can read Jabba’s post in full here. To him and the team as a whole, I’d again like to pass on my thanks for all of their efforts over the years. To KL and Dawny especially, I offer every best wish for now and the future.

Another code breakage hits SL

On top of the recent attachment update bug, JIRA (SVC-7283) (as well as the releated SVC-7294) – there is now another scripting breakage that has been deployed to the grid.

PRIM_PHYSICS used in the likes of llSetPrimitiveParams, no longer functions as expected on server release code, leaving scripted vehicles and animals (among other things) not working, malfunctioning and/or running amok.

A JIRA (SVC-7305) has been raised for the issue, which has a widespread impact.  And it has to be said that the JIRA is starting to read like a poorly executed farce, with LL responsible for the script.

  • It appears one creator of scripted vehicles running on the mainland which are now effectively out-of-control, and her account has apparently been suspended as a result
  • Other creators are reported issues with potentially thousands of sold products which, while there is a potential code alternative available (via STATUS_PHYSICS) – this still means considerable re-coding for many creators and a massive product update (and why should they, when the cause isn’t their fault?)
  • Responses from Linden Lab are hinting a fix (again) will not be available for RC channel release until next week, with the implication a full roll-out could be two weeks away – and that, despite the clear severity, there is resistance to accelerating the fix within the company!

Two breaks to basic scripting functionality in Second Life coming a week apart isn’t liable to win Linden Lab awards in the popularity stakes. It’s also liable to have the tinfoil hat brigade nodding to themselves and muttering comments about event numbers, coincidences and conspiracies.

As if we don’t already have enough of that doing the rounds.