Dolphin Viewer 3: updates and issues

dolphin-logoLance has issued a couple of blog updates on Dolphin 3.

The first is that there is now an update available – 3.0.5 (20427) which sees:

  • Dolphin Viewer 3 now defaults to its own separate cache folder (users of previous versions need to reset the cache location once this version is installed, unless you already set it to its own location)
  • Restrained Love check box in preferences renamed to RLV to make it more consistent with all other RLV options
  • Chat bar hovertip now properly mentions whispering by using shift-enter
  • Linux build works for users of older Linux distributions

The update is available from his download page.

Additionally, he reports three known issues relating to the Viewer:

  • The performance on Windows can be slow, (lance suggests are one-third of previous performance)
  • Replacing a saved outfit that contains more than one of any one wearable type (two or more tattoo layers) does not take off all of those layers (e.g. one tattoo stays behind but does not show in “Current Outfit”)
  • Sending teleport offers to more than one person through selecting them on your friends list makes the viewer crash

Lance indicates that both of the second points reproduce on the original RLV 2.7, and that they are being worked upon. The first issue – Windows performance – is an issue with the original Linden code, and so is in their hands for a fix.

Obviously, as these are known issues, please don’t burden Lance by reporting them to him again.

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