SL Fashion Expert Days 18-21st Sept

Sunday 18th through Wednesday 21st will see the Second Life Fashion Expert days take place in the official SL forums.

Each day of the event, up to 5 SL Fashion Experts will be standing by to share ideas and images, and to discuss the vibrant fashion scene in Second Life.They will be available from 09:00 through 16:00 SLT on each day of the event, ready to answer questions related to SL fashion and avatar appearance. In the words of the official blog post, “No query is off-limits!”.

In addition, the event will see exclusive Fashion blog posts and insider style tips shared in the Fashion Forums.

The provisional schedule is as follows:

Sunday, September 18, 09:00-16:00 SLT:

  • Iris Ophelia
  • Felicity Blumenthal
  • Elusyve Jewell

Monday, September 19, 09:00-16:00 SLT:

  • Frolic Mills
  • Sasy Scarborough
  • Whimsy Winx
  • Harper Beresford
  • Laylinha Tomsen (in Portuguese)

Tuesday, September 20, 09:00-16:00 SLT:

  • PopTart Lilehook
  • Casja Lilliehook
  • Gidge Uriza
  • Vick Spitteler (in Portuguese)

Wednesday, September 21, 09:00-16:00 SLT:

  • Strawberry Singh
  • Lily Karlsbar
  • Ponino Oh
  • Thereaver Barrymore (in Portuguese)

Details may change according to availability, so make sure you check with the official blog post for updates.

Image courtesy of Rena Sakai

Duché de Coeur’s 2011/12 events season opens Sept 17

The Academie Royale de Musique opens its 2011 – 2012 events season this month at  Duché de Coeur.

Saturday September 17th will see three events take place within the Duchy (all times SLT):

  • 12:00: Masquerade Ball and Gala at the Duchy’s Languedoc Opera House
  • 13:00: A special symphony performance by the Billy Mikoyan Orchestra, again at the Opera House
  • 14:00: Ceci Drover performs at the Skull and Crossbones Inn.

I regard Duché de Coeur as a fabulous destination within Second Life, and an example of what can be achieved in creating a virtual community find out why.

Firestorm 3: optional update released

firestorm-logoThe Firestorm team have released an optional update to the Firestorm 3 Mesh Beta release. The update is to deal with a couple of issues, as explained in the official blog post:

“A new bug was brought to our attention recently that effects region restarts while using our Metaharper skin in our Firestorm Mesh Beta. Basically, the region will fail to restart and be left in a state that only LL Support can fix. We traced the origin of the bug, fixed it and have updated our download files.

“If you are an Estate Manager who performs region restarts AND you use the Metaharper skin it is strongly advised that you download our updated version from our download links on this page. No other skin is effected by this bug. Alternatively, you can fix the issue yourself without installing this optional update by following the instructions listed on this page.

“We have also patched a performance issue some people may be effected by which essentially drops performance when you have many IM windows open at once. If you have performance drops while having multiple IM windows open you may find an improvement with this optional update.

“If you do not fall into the above criteria there is no need for you to update or worry, aside from what’s listed above, nothing else has changed since our Mesh Beta.”

If you are affected by either of the above, download the update from here.