LL issue casting call

Linden Lab have issued a casting call for people wishing to participate in an upcoming web-based advertising campaign for Second Life.

The campaign will be similar to the Become Your Avatar banner ads campaign currently to be seen in relations to Second Life, but will also feature video as will as still pictures.

The Become Your Avatar banner ad campaign

As such, the Lab is looking for people who are comfortable revealing their “human side” alongside their avatars in SL with the aim of spotlighting the diverse and creative communities in Second Life.

If you’re interested in participating in the campaign please complete the official application form and get it back to Linden Lab no later than 12:00 noon PDT on Monday September 12th.

Good luck to all who apply, and maybe see you on the casting couch!

MoM: September

September 7th saw the debut of this month’s Month of Machinima selecton by the LEA and showing at the LEA Theatre (SLurl). With the theme of “Seasons”, which can refer to the four seasons of the year, the seasons of your life, and so on, this month sees a range of imaginative and emotive films on offer.

This month’s entries comprise:

  • Unknowable Alien Isles:Chaffro Schoonmaker – a farewell to, and lament for, the Alien Isles installation at Unknowable
  • Duran Duran All You Need is Now by Ian Pahute an homage to the 80s, Duran, Duran and, particularly, their fans – and the passing years!
  • Curves by Hunk Huasner described as “Second Life machinima remixed with Akon’s Nosy Neighbour and other video clips”, a slightly risque mix of in-world machinima and live action film which is voyeuristically humourous.
  • A Pesto for all Seasons by Bleu Oleander, a lighthearted look at the making of the perfect pesto, complete with dancing basil…
  • Nature of Elements by Chic Aeon, which is described as “a video ‘coffee table book’ – there is a message of course, but mostly it is about the pretty pictures”. The message is clear – and one we should all consider
  • Why Now?  by Pooky Amsterdam – a moving question and answer session with Holocaust Survivor Fanny Starr demonstrating the power of Second Life and a world-wide educational and historical forum
  • Love Me Tender Rafale Kamachi, a whimsical tale of attempted murder, longing, magic and transformation in a steampunk setting
  • Visualizing Theorem at UTSA by lono Allen: “The creative forces of art, music and science collide in this new sim wide art exhibit at University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).” Combining imagery from Second Life and music collaboratively produced in a social media album called “Theorem” by ten musicians , the film celebrates sixteen installations in SL curated by UTSA, which are based on the science and math theories explored in the album.

Kirsten’s Viewer: A sad Farewell

In a sad notice posted today, Kirstenlee Cinquetti has announced the end of line for the foreseeable future – if not permanently – of the outstanding Kirsten’s Viewer. The entry in full reads:

“You may have noticed that the client has not been updated in some time. Sadly Real Life events have taken an unfortunate turn which basically puts an end to any more development. The Plans for S22 have been shelved and the project has been marked as discontinued.

“Installers have been removed as they are now very outdated, the sourcecode will of course remain. The website and forums will stay up for as long is required. Also inworld groups will stay active. It is of course entirely your choice as to how long you continue to use the client, however I do stress that it will fall behind with features and it may be wise to seek alternatives in the near future.

“Dawny has been very Ill, and had to stop working. As you can imagine my priority is to support her in any way possible and that means I have to become the main bread winner, as much as I enjoy working on the client it’s obviously the first thing to go.

“Not much more to say…

“BUT finally I would like to wish everyone who has supported the project over the years, a huge hug and many thanks, Jabba, Altair and all the people who have put up with my ranting and raving and unusual colour choices in UI. 🙂

“Who knows what the future holds! But for now Kirstens Viewer goes into a deep sleep.

“Presses the Shut Down button, Drives spin down, silence……….

“Love to you all, KL”

This is a very sad day for Second Life and Viewer development. Over the years, Kirsten’s Viewer has set the benchmark for SL-related photography and machinima as well as being ground-breaking in many other areas, not the least of which was the development of the first Viewer 2 hybrid client that offered a usable interface well ahead of V2’s own at the time, and which has remained innovative and highly preferable to LL’s own offering. More recently, it became the first and, up until its suspension, only Viewer to support the upload of mesh objects outside of Viewer 3.x.

I’ve always enjoyed using Kirsten’s Viewer – it requires a fairly high-end machine, and at times my PC had struggled with it, but it has always given me faultless performance and the ability to enjoy elements of Second Life that just weren’t available to me through other Viewers – such as the initial iteration of dynamic shadows.

Happier times: Jabba Abbye’s screen capture celebrating the release of S21 Build 9 with mesh object rendering / upload support

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Kirstenlee and the team for everything they have done and achieved with the Viewer, together with a personal message of best wishes and a return to health for Dawny. For now it is Adieu to Kirsten’s Viewer; perhaps we’ll meet again in the future.

Web profiles gain a FOLLOW button

C & TM Linden Lab

Since the launch of the social web Profiles by Linden Lab, one of the most requested features users have asked to see is the inclusion of a Twitter-like FOLLOW capability. At SLCC 2011 Viale Linden hinted that the function might be coming along.

And he wasn’t wrong.

Linden Lab have now launched the ability for people to “follow” others through the web profiles.

To use it, simply go to my.secondlife.com/first.last (where first.last is obviously your own avatar name) and log-in. Then select the profile of the person you wish to follow in the browser url bar (again “my.secondlife.com/first.last” – where first.last is their avatar name). This will display that person’s web profile, thus:

Note the FOLLOW button

Clicking the FOLLOW button will allow you to receive that person’s messages on your Feed page, allowing for any privacy options set – see below.

For those who use the web profiles Feed, this is a powerful new option, potentially delivering notifications of events, activities, and so on from others who pro-actively use web profiles and the Feed option directly to a single point they can review either in-world (if their Viewer supports web profiles) or on a single web page.

For merchants and entertainers, it presents another means of getting word out about events and goings-on by encouraging people to use their own feeds and then using the FOLLOW option.

There are a couple of points to note:

  • If the person has their Feed privacy set to FRIENDS/NOBODY, you will not receive any Feed messages from them regardless as to whether you follow them (unless they accept you as a Friend where FRIENDS is concerned)
  • The same applies to your own Feed – if you set your Feed privacy to FRIENDS/NOBODY, people will be restricted in their ability to receive your feed messages.

The system may yet be refined further; I’ve already suggested to Linden Lab it might be an idea to add something along the lines of a “Friends and Followers” privacy option. As it stands, it is a useful addition to web profiles, and one that is sure to be welcomed.