Scenes within an Old Town in Second Life

Old Town Winterland, December 2020 – click any image for full size

For those wishing to partake of an extensive Second Life exploration, Old Town by .:Bekks:. (Bekks Heartsong) could be an attractive proposition.

Covering two regions, the Full region of Adagio Breeze, which has the additional 10K land capacity bonus, and the Homestead Isla Amorosa, it is an expansive setting, covering multiple levels, from ground level through several sky platforms  –  and also back under the sea.

Old Town Winterland, December 2020

We started our visit – on the recommendation of Shawn Shakespeare – in the region’s Winterland setting, a place that spans both regions and which, as the name suggests, offers a winter setting, heavy in snow, with more falling from the night sky.

This is a level not only heavy in snow, but also in places to visit and things to do – ice skating on a rink or across a lake, take your pick – or if you prefer, along a sky track that runs around the region, dipping down to greet those wishing to try it alongside the Arctic Express,that sits close to the boundary between the two regions.

Old Town Winterland, December 2020

With the lake covering most of the Homestead region, it is the Full region that offers the majority of the snowy attractions – cabins and cottages where visitors can get toasty in front of roaring fires; carousels, coaches, balloons, sleighs and frozen ponds and little camp sites, all interlinked by winding trails and paths visible through the snow that encourage feet to wander and cameras to roam.

Those not taken by all the walking can take a horse from one of the rezzers and ride through the snow, or simply sit and watch others as they explore – or find themselves under observation by the wildlife also to be found out on the snow and amongst the frosted trees.

Old Town Winterland, December 2020

Also to be found within the setting are a number of teleport globes. These provide access to many of the features to be found within Old Town, some of which are on the Winterland level, others of which sit on other platforms or, as noted, at the ground level or under the waves. These offer more to see, and the chance to get away from winter and visit other places and realms.

For those particularly given to horse riding, there is an Old West destination, for example, while those who missed Halloween can find spooks and ghosts within the Hauntings setting. There’s also a little town waiting to be explored, a bohemian camp (and more) at ground level, and even more to be discovered, including karaoke for those who might enjoy it, and spaces for other music and dancing.

Old Town Winterland, December 2020
Obviously, given the extent of the offerings within the regions, exploration can take time – and so it’s probably best to break down a visit into several trips, rather than overwhelming yourself. However, as the region’s settings are split between different levels, rendering issues aren’t as bad as might be thought for a location that offers so much to see and do, and this further adds to the attractiveness of a visit.

All-in-all well worth taking a look and let your feet wander as they will.

Old Town Winterland, December 2020

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