A little Andante in Second Life

Andante Gallery

Andante is the name Jules Catlyn and Iris Okiddo (IrisSweet) have given to their cosy gallery, located in is own gardens alongside, but quite separate to, Jules’ car business of [Surplus motors].

I have to confess that this is a gallery I’ve somehow managed to miss until now, which is a shame as it is very charmingly appointed within its grounds.It comprises the Apple Fall Country Hall (a place that, coincidentally, we have set for one of our own home designs). It’s a versatile build, and here has been “twinned” with itself to provide two large exhibition spaces with an interlinking open-air courtyard.

The garden offers art of its own in the form of sculptures by Mistero Hifeng, the ground around the gallery richly flowered in a manner that is inviting and encourages a sense of warmth and of taking thing slowly in the manner of the gallery’s name.

Andante Gallery: Charlie Namiboo, December 2020

Exhibitions apparently open here every 5-6 weeks, although at the time of our visit, the current exhibition was into its 10th week. Not that I’m complaining;  the guest artist is Charlie Namiboo, and her work is always a delight to see – but just keep in mind that as it has been around for a while, the gallery could be changing artists fairly soon.

Don’t Judge Me is a series of images by Charlie predominantly focused on avatar studies, with a handful of landscapes to break the mould.

Offered in both colour and black and white, the avatar studies present thoughts and feeling on life and relationships that are genuinely emotive. they are mixed with self-studies that while posed, can oft appear as candid, spur-of-the-moment snaps that give them their own unique depth. The landscape pieces, meanwhile reveal Charlie’s ability to both capture a scene and render it as a piece of art guaranteed to capture the eye and and found myself particularly drawn into Wildness is the preservation of the world.

Andante Gallery: Charlie Namiboo, December 2020

As noted, I don’t know how much longer Charlie’s work will be on display at Andante, but I would recommend hopping over sooner rather than later in order to see it – contrary to the exhibit’s title, these are pieces worthy of our judgement in that they are all very much pieces worthy of viewing and appreciation. As to Andante Gallery itself, it’s now on my list, and I hope to be returning in the new year to see who else Jules and Iris invite to exhibit there.

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