Moods and emotions in Second life

IMAGO Gallery: Liz Winterstorm

Currently available at Mareea Farrasco’s IMAGO Gallery for visitors to appreciate is an exhibition of avatar studies by Liz Winterstorm (TinLiz) that is – in four words – beautifully and emotionally expressive.

Presenting 28 avatar studies, all of which are either black-and-white or soft monochrome, every one of the presented works is powerfully evocative in its narrative and emotional content, each one perfectly framed and presented, making the entire selection an extraordinary must-see exhibition.

Taken without external post-processing enhancement – Liz notes she simply does not have the patience to learn PhotoShop, these are images show that Liz has an innate grasp of lighting, and the use of light and shadow through her selection of Windlight environments in order to express her pieces.

IMAGO Gallery: Liz Winterstorm

While the selection is untitled (other than Liz Winterstorm at IAMGO), there appears to be a twist of thematic threads running through the images. The first might be seen as purely reflective of emotional states arising from a relationship – particularly those images that involve two figures. There are emotional responses anyone has likely experienced through the ups and downs and turmoil that are a part of many (all?) relationships.

The second thread, equally as evocative, might be seen as a considered reflection of the way many of us have felt at one point or another through the past year: loneliness, emptiness, of wanting things to be over, separation, of  being unable to escape (the world’s woes?), anger.

IMAGO Gallery: Liz Winterstorm

It is this layering of ideas – or at least, suggestions of ideas – that gives this exhibition its depth. But it is not the only thing; as noted Liz has a magnificent approach to using the natural environment through Windlight settings and framing to create pieces that are genuinely visually impressive. Just take a look at Shunned as an example, the use of a pure white lighting and background, coupled with the pose and row of seats gives the piece a quite remarkable depth and emotional focus that can be felt within whichever narrative thread you choose to follow.

As a second example of this narrative and visual richness, take Apocalyptica; it’s title alone is powerful and the imagery fully reflective of either theme.  But there is perhaps more here; within the picture is what seems to be a direct reference to the Finnish band itself and the lyrics from their single Life Burns. And this abundance of narrative and imagery flows across all 28 pieces in the exhibition.

IMAGO Gallery: Liz Winterstorm

Very definitely not an exhibition to be missed by those who appreciate Second Life art and photography.

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