Ouzo: a viewer aperitif for Second Life

Linden Lab has promoted the latest Maintenance RC to de facto release status. The viewer follows the Lab’s convention of naming their maintenance updates for the viewer after popular alcoholic beverages and aperitifs.

This release includes a range of updates and improvements to the viewer which are worth highlighting, and which will be finding their way into third-party viewers as time goes forward (if they are not already present). Including the following.

Installation and Log-in Improvements

  • The “Your account will not be available until” login failure message has now been removed, as it is no longer meaningful.
  • The GPU Benchmark test no longer causing issues when installing the viewer or when setting viewer defaults.
  • Non-English versions of the viewer can now be installed into non-default paths without causing incorrect fonts to be loaded, corrupting the text of the Terms of Service display in the viewer.
  • Mac OS updates:
    • Incorrect VFS (cache) creation time no longer shown in “help>about SL”.
    • Full version of the build in the applications is now displayed after install on Mac.

Avatar Appearance Updates

  • A new option added to the Appearance Editor right-click menu: Wear Only This Outfit.
  • The Edit Outfit panel in the Appearance Editor no longer displays “Loading…” when there is nothing to load.
  • An avatar’s hairbase is now correctly rendered in Appearance mode when ALM is enabled, and the alpha mask will correctly hide the default hair in the Outfit Editor.
  • A seated avatar’s rotation is now correctly updated when the object the avatar is sitting on is changed via the build floater X, Y, Z spinners.
  • Object position (and sometimes size) no longer greyed out when editing avatar parts or attachments.
  • Temporary attachments can now be detached via gear menu in Appearance >Wearing.

UI Improvements

  • Abuse Report floater clean-up.
  • Error messages no longer doubled (the first being generic, the second being accurate).
  • It is no longer possible to delete an inventory folder while trying to rename it by holding down the Delete key a little too long.
  • Chat scroll bar now properly displayed after a panel resize.
  • “Walk/run/fly” toolbar button no longer turns off “fly mode” once per session.
  • Received Items improvements:
    • The “New” icon in the Received Items folder now correctly disappears when navigating with keys.
    • The “New” tag now appears in front of folders when searching.
    • “Properties” menu item disabled for multiple selection in Object content, because it was causing Received Items to disappear.
  • The Donation check box no longer covered by the Purchase button when buying land from a group you’re already donating to.
  • Bottom part of “Filter” button at Snapshot window can now be properly clicked.
  • World Map no longer shows first friend location after searches.
  • Unicode correctly appears in the Windows viewer display name.
  • Arrows ‘Navigate back’ and ‘Navigate forward’ had wrong state.
  • Profiles now have a Back button.
  • Debug setting AvatarHoverOffsetZ will work regardless of whether Set Hover Height modal has been opened.

Efficiency & Performance Improvements

  • This viewer uses the new off-line messages capability to correctly fetch off-line IMs following log-in, hopefully resolving the issue of lost off-line messages.
  • Viewer no longer attempting to load file/mesh/LOD indefinitely in case of most failures.
  • Advanced Lighting Mode (ALM) improvements
    • Normal and specular maps no longer downloaded when ALM is disabled.
    • Local Textures for Advanced Lighting Projectors now keep the selected texture.
  • Particles attached to the muted avatars no longer render.
  • Texture animation flicker at certain frame rates has been removed.
  • Sculpties should no longer appear as spheres before their shape data has been received by the viewer.
  • Scripts memory usage should no longer return incorrect values in the Estate Tools.
  • Unneeded exception handling from LLAppViewer::frame() removed.
  • ExportCharts for performance analysis re-enabled.
  • Mods to allow nVidia nSight to capture frames of Viewer rendering have been added.
  • Deprecated and unused private memory pooling removed.
  • Various translation updates.

Media Updates

  • (MAC only): viewer Media Browser no longer doubles entered Cyrillic capital letters.
  • Magnify glass button no longer returns camera to avatar after select other nearby media in “Start/Stop ALL Media” tab.
  • Scrollbar should decrease when the number of displayed media decreases.
  • The viewer no longer sends multiple GET requests against prim media when PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY is enabled.
  • Social floaters launch a somewhat different version of the internal browser.

Crash Fixes

The viewer includes a range of crash fixes, as detailed in the release notes.


The viewer can be downloaded from the viewer’s release notes page, if preferred.