A visit to Hydra Isles

Umbral Photography, Hydra Isles (Flickr)

A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit Hyrda Isles, the homestead region designed and curated by vlady Veeper and Coqueta Veeper, and a place of two very distinct parts.

The south side of the region offers Umbral Photography,  “a place created for photography, including seasonal landscapes, lakes, full house, animated bridges, free permits to rez your own poses”. The north side of the island, and notably the north-west quarter of the region, is given over to Umbral. an adult-focused environment for erotica and D/s. The demarcation between the two areas is low-key, and visitors are free to wander between both – indeed the photogenic elements of the region are evident throughout, and not restricted to just the the south side.

Umbral Photography, Hydra Isles (Flickr)

Seasons change within the region, and right now and in keeping with much of Second Life, there is a distinctly wintry feel to Hydra Isles: snow lies on the ground and atop roofs and rocky outcrops, while the water flowing between the islands has a distinctly chilly look to it, so be prepared when wading!

Where you roam first really depends upon where you arrive; use the Umbral photography SLurl, and you’ll arrive alongside a stone bridge on a narrow rocky bar connecting two of the island in this part of the region. Wall away from the bridge, through the tree, and you’ll come to the ruins of an old church in which sits a small art gallery, partially flooded, and beyond it, a outdoor seating area with armchairs, books, refreshments and a warm stove – albeit all in a small snowstorm!

Cross the bridge from the landing point, and you’ll find yourself led to the house, sitting at the end of a avenue of trees, their boughs bent arch-like overhead. As the parcel description notes, the house is open to all, and offers further opportunities for photography indoors and out.

Umbral Photography, Hydra Isles (Flickr)

The north side of the region, as mentioned above, features a large structure given over to erotica and D/s activities. As such, what you may find there is variable, and the landing point outside the building provides clear guidelines on acceptable behaviour therein.

Outside of this, and in keeping with the overall theme of the region, are a number of small islands, each offering their own opportunities for photography or for simply sitting and cuddling with a loved one. Chief among these is a rocky island to the north-east, which features a tiny lighthouse atop a rocky promontory, looking across the water towards the old church, and with seats and a cuddle spot below.

All told, an interesting region to visit and explore, with opportunities to simply sit and share time with a friend, made all the more pleasant by the friendly and warm greetings extended by  Coqueta and vlady when they are also present in the region.

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