Frisland in winter

Frisland, Laluna Island (Flickr)

Back in March 2014, I made my first visit to Frisland, the region Charlie Namiboo, Anna Barzane and Frislanda “Fris” Ferraris created while imagining what the mystical land for which it is named might look like, if it were to actually exist.

Given that the island was supposed to exist in the North Atlantic, it is hardly surprising that winter has come a-visiting at Frisland, and snow now lies deep on the ground across most of the region, and frost has turned the bare-armed trees a hoary white, while ice covers the ponds and some of the water of the island’s stream.

Frisland, Laluna Island (Flickr)

Frisland has always been a lovely, photogenic place, but the snowy blanket covering it now gives it an extra edge of  beauty and, frankly, romance. The layout of the region hasn’t really changed – nor should it; but there are a few seasonal additions – an ice skate vendors alongside the central pond, and if you get cold or want a little extra Christmas feel to your home, Anna offers a free Frisland winter scarf for visitors and a set of decorative candles for the home. Further down the path from the main houses is a mulled wine stall, should you need a little warming-up, and close to that, a snowman offers you his trick of doing a handstand…

Frisland, Laluna Island (Flickr)

All told, a beautiful make-over which retains all of the photogenic beauty of the island, making it a must-see of the season. Little wonder it has been in the Editor’s Picks of the Destination Guide!

But rather than me rabbit on about it, here’s a little machinima I hope you’ll enjoy.

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