Firestorm hotfix released

firestorm-logoAs indicated in my update to the Firestorm release review in this blog, a couple of issues have been found within that release, which may affect some Firestorm users.

As a result, the Firestorm team have released a hotfix update to the viewer, which includes fixes for those issues and offers three more the team has also implemented.

The blog post on the fixes reads in full:

After releasing we discovered a few bugs that affect just enough users to warrant a hotfix update. However, if none of the issues addressed in this hotfix affect you personally there is no need for you to update to it.

The issues are listed below.

We have replaced the 42969 links with the new version 42974 on our download pages.

As per the blog post, unless one of the issues addressed by the fixes above affect you, there is no need to update your version of Firestorm. None of the fixes should directly impact on the elements of the viewer included in my review.

One thought on “Firestorm hotfix released

  1. That list is a little too short on detail, but if you don’t use OpenSim or RLV the first two are irrelevant for you. The Object View bug doesn’t affet the Alt-click method of focusing view on an object, it’s something to do with a button on the camera control, and I am not sure I would care about whether toolbar buttons showed in mouselook. The Quick Prefs bug, I didn’t even know you could to to Quick Prefs what the bug affects.

    I think there was a bit of a flap on amongst Firestorm users, and more details in the announcement might have helped. References to JIRA entries are a poor way of communicating details.


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