Of literature and performing art

Wilanow Palace and Gardens,Oceanea

As might be apparent from some of the coverage of events and activities in this this blog, I enjoy literature and the arts. Reading in particular is a passion of mine, and I have a voracious appetite for both non-fiction and fiction across a broad range of subjects and genres. So it’s a little surprising that it has taken me a while to find my way to writing about Luminaux and Oceanea.

Luminaux is home to the Illumination Library, founded by Librarian & Bookmaker, Farzaneh Eel. Here, set within a garden designed by Xinoxi Han, can be found an intriguing collection of in-world interactive books designed and created by Farzaneh, available in a range of languages and covering a wide range of topics – fiction, non-fiction, biographical studies, religious works, and so on.

The Illumination Library, Luminaux

The library is housed in two buildings, both by Xinoxi Han, and both in a somewhat 18th or 19th style. The primary (and, I would guess, older) of the two buildings offers three floors to explore, each of which offers numerous interactive books (and audio books) which can be enjoyed from the comfort of armchairs and sofas. works on offer here focus on the 19th Century, although are by no means exclusive to that time.

The annex building, facing the main library from across the region, has the feel of a more recent style about it.. Featuring three large halls, complete with gallery spaces, it is focused on religious tests, the works of William Blake and those of William Shakespeare, all beautifully bound and presented.

As well as the main library building, the gardens contain the library’s Biblio Shop, where interactive books can be purchased, and the garden gallery, a room offering visitors the chance to enjoy a game of chess or the chance to simply sit and chat.

The Illumination Library, Luminaux
The Illumination Library, Luminaux

Connected to Luminaux via a pair of stone bridges, Oceanea is the home to the Wilanow Palace and Gardens, the Royal Opera House and Ritz Ballroom.

Covering one half the the region, the palace may not be as expansive as somewhere like Angel Manor, but it nevertheless offers period rooms and a former garden for visitors to explore, and welcomes those who wish to do so – complete with opportunities to dance using the Intan systems scattered around the property.

Facing the palace across a further bridge spanning a deep cut in the land, sit the Royal Opera House and the Ritz Ballroom. Both bear the distinctive hallmarks of Kaya Angel (of Angel Manor fame), and have been positioned by Xinoxi Han, who designed the overall setting in which they are located, and who was also one of several contributors to the design of the palace and it gardens, along with Andy Loon, Xen Oller and 1Selene2012.

The Royal Opera House
The Royal Opera House, Oceanea

The Opera House is intended to “encourage, educate and support the best in classical arts (Music, Dance, Art, Opera, Theatre) throughout Second Life and beyond. To be informed of all the best classical events join Second Life”, and it is certainly a sumptuous building inside, with an imposing exterior which suits its surrounding perfectly. Productions are routinely held here, and those interested in keeping abreast of productions and performances can join the Second Life Opera Society group. The Ballroom, facing the Opera House across a fountained courtyard, presents a venue for live performances and dances.

Both Luminaux and Oceanea offering an interesting change for those who enjoy exploring Second Life, particularly if one has an interest in either literature (Farzaneh Eel’s books really are a delight – I could spend hours looking through her Shakespeare collection) or the performing arts. With the Wilanow Palace and Gardens just across the stream from the Royal Opera House, a visit to see a performance at the later can be enhanced by a wander around the former, particularly if accompanied by a friend.

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