Perceptions of depth and narratives in art

Depth Perception
Depth Perception – The Rose Art Gallery

This article was updated on Sunday, December 8th to reflect the fact the Château d’Ember display has been taken down, having been a special opening event.

Depth Perception is a new exhibition of the work of artist Molly Bloom, which was initially previewed at the Château d’Ember, on the Adult-rated, Gorean-themed region of Asperiche Island on Saturday, December 6th, 2014, with the main exhibition opening at midday SLT on Sunday, December 7th at the Rose Art Gallery, Angel Manor.

As the title suggests, Depth Perception offers the observer with a series of images which play with our perception of depth, and does so in a most eye-catching manner.

Depth Perception
Depth Perception  -“Throwing in the Cards” and “The Electrical Bouquet”, as displayed at Chateau d’Ember

All of the pieces on display, be they individual images, pairs of images or triptych pieces, have elements of the work extending beyond the picture frame, either as a part of the picture itself (such as the shadow of a boot which itself appears to be resting on the frame containing it), or as a 3D element in its own right (such as an extended hand holding a copy of the Bible). Some even include 3D elements that sit entirely outside of the picture itself, but which are nevertheless part of it. These can be as obvious as a television set placed before a picture, and which is clearly the subject of attention of those within the picture, or as subtle as a bird sitting on a picture frame.

Depth Perception - The rose Art Gallery
Depth Perception – The Rose Art Gallery

However it is presented, each image is beautifully composed, and many, particularly those in pairs or in a triptych, have a narrative to them; sometimes obvious, sometimes a little more subtle (and there are stories to be found in the individual pieces as well).

The installation at the Rose offers forms the main exhibition, and presents the works on display highly effectively; the installation is really eye-catching, the grey / black of the gallery space helping to draw the eye deeply into each picture in turn.

Depth Perception - Chateau d'Ember
Depth Perception – “The Queen is NOT Amused”, as displayed at Chateau d’Ember

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    1. Unfortunately, no. But there should be a teleport disk on the quayside next to the landing point boat, in front of a large sign advertising the exhibit.


      1. I went to the Rose Theatre. I did go back to look there is no sign on the dock for the exhibit. just so you know.


        1. Thanks. Just re-checked myself, and the Château d’Ember display appears to have been a one-off event. I’ve revised the article to suit.


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