SL projects update week 11/2: group bans, JIRA, Oculus Rift

Server Beta meeting, Thursday March 13th
Server Beta meeting, Thursday March 13th

Server Deployments: week 11 – recap

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread in the forums for the latest updates / changes.

  • On Tuesday March 11th, the Main channel was updated with the server maintenance project deployed the BlueSteel and LeTigre channels  in week 10.
  • On Wednesday March 12th, BlueSteel and LeTigre joined Magnum in having support for a new version of the inventory service, AIS v3, enabled.  This service requires the use of the Project Sunshine RC viewer. The only changes compared to last week’s Magnum release was to include this week’s SLS changes.

Aditi Server Maintenance Package

A new server maintenance project arrived on Aditi in week 11, en route for a release on the main grid. This includes some bug fixes and some further work on the LSL syntax project  Ima Mechanic has been developing, and which is largely encapsulated in STORM-1831. The new project on Aditi specifically includes a new schema to fix STORM 2000, so expect this to be filtering through to the main grid in due course.

Group Ban Update

Not a lot to report here. Whirly Fizzle uncovered an awkward bug whereby a person granted the ability to ban others from a group could actually accidentally ban themselves. This proved a little hard for the Lab to initially pin down, prompting Maestro Linden to comment at the Server Beta meeting on Thursday March 13th, “We [he and Baker] both had problems earlier, because we were using a more manual method of just POSTing the data to the capability.” However, now the issue has been identified, a fix is being worked on.

JIRA Settings – Making Older BUG Reports Visible.

Following my note in part 1 of this report that users can opt to set their older BUG reports visible to the public, Maestro Linden said:

By the way, it’s possible to set the visibility of your past BUG issues by editing the ‘Security Level:’ setting. For the most part, we’re leaving that up to the reporters to change, if they’re willing to share their bug report issue more widely.

The reason we’re doing it that way is because people previously filed BUG reports with the expectation of only a few people being able to see it, and in some cases there are sensitive details like email addresses and conversations and whatnot.

On the matter of privacy, Maestro also indicated that new BUG reports can also be set for limited public viewing – that is, only to “Triagers and Reporter” should anyone have any concern over posting sensitive information in a new BUG report.

Oculus Rift

Not a lot to report here. The Lab has put out a call for beta testers for the Oculus Rift version of the viewer, as I reported here. commenting in broad terms about the project, Maestro Linden indicated that there is a slight drop in frame rate when using the headset, although he was uncertain as to the overall impact. He also described the revised UI as seen when in Riftlook as floating overhead, possibly in a toroidal form, and that the user needs to move their head to see it, so as not to have the UI invade the world view. He actually gave up trying to describe it, as he was without a headset when discussing it, and reported, “Marissa’s trying to explain it to me but it’s complicated :).”

Those fortunate enough to have a headset and who get into the beta programme will doubtless find out in due course!

One thought on “SL projects update week 11/2: group bans, JIRA, Oculus Rift

  1. If you’re following Draxtor’s Google+ account, he mentioned some people who claim that “true” virtual reality is only achieved by an Oculus Rift/Razer Hydra combination. To be honest, I’m underwhelmed by both propositions. I’m underwhelmed by the Rift for being a seriously heavy and bulky piece of kit that (a) suffers from the issue of vertigo common to pretty much all VR headsets, (b) doesn’t include headphones, although some would say “well, at least you can choose your own headphones, which could be of a higher quality than the bundled ones, (c) doesn’t let the user see the keyboard. I’m also underwhelmed by any handheld controller. If I want hand/gesture control, there are far better options: Microsoft Kinect, Thalmic Myo (LL really should move posthaste to add support for it in all OSes supported by SL)…

    Regarding the issue of headsets, now… I think Epson is missing out on a big chance here. It has one product, the Moverio BT-100 (and its upcoming, less bulky, and more elegant successor, the BT-200), which has some very interesting features and could, with some thoughtful redesign, offer a far better alternative.

    Namely, if Epson increased the resolution of the integrated projectors to full HD (1920 x 1080) instead of the current qHD (960 x 540), it’d offer a far better VR/AR solution, because, even in a darker setting (the BT-100 has a “sunglass” piece of plastic), you can still see a bit of your surroundings, thus it’s easier to mitigate vertigo. Also, without a darkly-tinted attachment, you can easily see your keyboard. The BT-100 also has headphones on it; I’m not sure the BT-200 has them, but I see such implementations as being far more attractive than the bulky Oculus Rift.


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