SL projects updates 11/3: TPV developer meeting, March 14th

A TPV developer meeting took place on Friday March 14th. The core items discussed in the meeting are reported below, with timestamps in the relevant paragraphs indicating the point at they are discussed in the video embedded here. My thanks as always to North for the latter.

SL Viewer Updates

[0:01:37] The list of release candidates in the release channel remains unchanged from part two of this week’s projects updates, and as per my Current Viewer Releases page.

FmodEx RC

[0:01:44] The FmodEx Hotfix viewer RC (version, is a fix Monty Linden has been working on, and is described by Oz Linden as:

A threading problem that at least manifests when there are various FmodEx things going on, but is not strictly speaking an FmodEx problem. We think that was a good and important fix, but it doesn’t seem to have done all we hoped it would do yet.

Whether or not this is a fix TPVs would need to implement quickly or not is down to how they have implemented FmodEx.

Voice RC

[0:02:38] The Voice RC is essentially the release viewer with the Vivox 4.6.x SLvoice plugin packaged with it for Windows and Mac. Commenting on in from a Mac perspective, Oz Linden indicated that it does appear to solve a number of issues, such as working with an iPhone headset adaptor, which was an issue with earlier versions, as well as addressing some Mavericks related issues.

[0:11:11] There has been some confusion over the latest SDK supplied by Vivox, in that only the Windows and Mac versions of 4.6.x have so far been supplied; the Linux version is still an older version. It’s unclear as to when the Linux Vivox SDK will be supplied, as this is apparently seen as a “lower priority” compared to Windows and Mac, although the Lab is working on Vivox to try to improve matters. The Lab is also working to try to get 64-bit versions of the Vivox SDK, which could then be made available to those TPVs building 64-bit versions of their viewers.

Interest List RC

[0:41:54] Concern is raised as the number of updates which form a part of the interest list RC viewer, and whether these may leave TPVs with another “CHUI situation” when trying to merge things.  The repository for the viewer has been available since the viewer reached RC status, however, Oz went on to comment:

There’s a bunch of refactoring of things that people decided needed refactoring as a part of the process [and] which may or may not have been strictly needed as [a] part of interest lists; that is, part of the functional change that that branch is doing. Some of it was a new trace capability that’s used in a bunch of places where they wanted to take the measurements they wanted to take about it.

The interest list RC is working its way towards release status ... slowly ...
The interest list RC is working its way towards release status … slowly …

There have been various stability issues with the interest list RC, hence why it has remained an RC rather than being promoted to the de facto release viewer. However, it is now reaching the point where its stability is comparable to that of the other RCs in the release channel – and is actually better than some.

In terms of merges, there is the potential for the interest list viewer to cause TPVs some problems, as there appear to be changes to llCommons and other libraries which are causing issues for those TPVs which have attempted a merge.

Google Breakpad

[0:04:53] The Google Breakpad RC is due to make another appearance, as a “bunch of issues have been wrestled to the ground”, and the hope is that when it does appear in the release channel, it will mark the last round of updates for that particular project, and those TPVs using Google Breakpad are advised to take a look at what the Lab has done.

Overall Status for RCs

[0:04:10] Overall, it appears as if none of the RCs are performing as well as the Lab would like them to be in terms of crash rates. It had been hoped that the FmodEx Hotfix RC would get the Lab back below what Oz referred to as “an acceptable, if not admirable, crash rate”, but it has not done so as yet.However, the other RCs in the channel should see updates released in week 12 (week commencing Monday March 17th), one or more of which may improve the crash rates.

[0:43:56] In terms of what does get promoted next, the most likely candidate will be the RC which shows clear evidence that it is reducing the crash rate compared to current levels across the release and RC viewers.

[0:05:27] In the meantime, because of the volume of RCs sitting in the release channel, the Lab are holding back a number of further RCs,. These include the Project Zipper (faster installer) viewer being updated to RC status, and the group ban viewer (although there are bugs in this which are still being worked upon). There is also likely to be a further Snowstorm RC appearing with a mix of code contributions, again once the number of viewers currently in the release channel is thinned-down a little.

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It’s time to party at the Black Lagoon

The Creature from the Black Lagoon - LEA11
The Creature from the Black Lagoon – LEA11

Earlier in March, I previewed The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Livio Oak Korobase’s AIR-6 installation at LEA-11. This is a wonderful homage to the old 1950s B-movies, primarily focused upon (but by no means limited to) Bill Arnold’s 1954 film of the same name, together with a nod to a number of other great classics of the silver screen.

Since my initial preview, Livio has been hard at work, adding to the piece, and things are now ready for a formal opening. Eupalinos Ugajin gave me a nudge to make sure I remind people of this :).

The Creature from the Black Lagoon - LEA11
The Creature from the Black Lagoon – LEA11

Things will kick-off on Saturday March 15th at 13:00, with a party (Livio informs me the Creature loves to party!), with music by Dj Violette Oakleaf), which will feature a playlist described as “unknown, but sure to be a nice surprise!”

Those attending are asked to come suitably dressed for the occasion and in keeping with the nature of the installation, and Eupalinos jokingly informs me that any humans showing up may be subject to being eaten by any one of the creatures inhabiting the region – so consider yourself warned!

The Creature from the Black Lagoon - LEA11
The Creature from the Black Lagoon – LEA11

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Harvey tries the Oculus

Update: Loki Eliot has also provided a summary of his initial findings with the Oculus Rift and the Lab’s beta viewer. You can read his report here.

Harvey Crabsticks is one of those fortunate enough to have a Oculus Rift headset and get accepted into the Lab’s beta of their OR-enabled viewer beta.

While he admits he’s not had time to plunge all the way in to RIFT / SL usage, he has provided a preliminary report on his initial experiences. Hopefully, there will be more to come as he pokes at things some more, allowing for commitments with the preparations for the Paradise Lost curtain-up in April, and with the Romeo + Juliet AIR-6 installation.

Oculus Rift: Harvey Crabsticks gives some preliminary feedback
Oculus Rift: Harvey Crabsticks gives some preliminary feedback

If you’re interested in the Rift and want an informed, balanced view on things, head on over to Harvey’s blog and take a read (and I recommend his blog in general for some good reading).

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With thanks to Mona Eberhardt

SYC Motorboat Cruise and Raft-up 2014

In May 2008, and to mark the renaming of the SL Sailing group to the “SL Sailing Association”, a grand raft-up was organised, for a cruise around the United Sailing Sims regions (this was before the creation of Blake Sea). Some 13 classes of boat raced by the SLSA participated in that event, and a grand time was had by all.

Now, on Sunday March 16th, it’s hoped that the success of that cruise and raft-up can be repeated and exceeded with the 2014 Starboard Yacht Club’s Motorboat Cruise and Raft-up – and the event includes an open invitation for people to join the fun.


Participants are invited to gather at the Starboard Yacht Club, where, at 11:30 SLT, the festivities will kick-off with a showing of a video from the 2008 event. After this, vessels cast-off for a cruise around some of the USS regions before heading out into Blake Sea for more adventures.

Anyone with a motorboat, motor yacht or raft is invited to take part, and there are some broad guidelines provided for those who do:

  • Boats should be kept to a maximum land impact of around 100-110 – so please, no huge yachts or cruisers
  • The course will be around various regions and islands, and will involve opportunities for swimming and other activities, so a swim-suit and swim animation are advised for those wishing to take part in such activities!

Those who don’t have a boat of their own and who wish to join-in the fun are welcome to do so – there will be plenty on-hand to offer rides.

The cruise and raft-up promises to be a lot of fun, and may include one or two surprises along the way – so if you’re in the mood to join others sailing the clear blue waters of Blake Sea, why not op over to the Starboard Yacht Club on March 16th?

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With thanks to Mark Twain White for the video