Paradise Lost: premiere announced, and already sold out!

Basilique-logoOn Wednesday March 5th, the Basilique Performing Arts Company announced that Paradise Lost: The story of Adam and Eve’s original sin will open on Saturday April 5th – and within hours, the black-tie premiere performance was sold out!

Due to the demand for tickets, and with audience numbers limited to 40 per performance, a second premiere show will take place on Sunday April 6th, 2014, commencing at 12:00 noon.

While the initial press notes from earlier in the year for the production had indicated it would be free to attend, the Company has decided to charge L$1,000 for tickets. Of this, 50% of the ticket cost will go directly to supporting the World Wildlife Fund’s Adopt a Gorilla programme, and the welfare of the Company’s adopted baby mountain gorilla, Ihoho.

50% of ticket costs will go to the World Wildelife and the support of Ihoho
50% of ticket costs will go to the World Wildlife Adopt a Gorilla Programme and the welfare of Ihoho

The remaining proceeds of ticket sales will go towards offsetting the cost of developing, mounting and running a production as elaborate as Paradise Lost in Second Life.

Tickets are available via the SL Marketplace, and each includes two unique and themed mesh avatars audience members are encouraged to wear when attending a performance. These avatars have been designed by Sian Pearl, and comprise an angel and a demon, in keeping with the overall theme of the production, which sees elements of each performance taking place among the audience.

The angel and demon avatars by Sian Pearl and commissioned especially for Paradise Lost in Second Life, are supplied with each ticket to a performance (image courtesy of Canary Beck)

I’ve had the good fortune to cover a little of the preparations that have gone in to this production – and I do mean a little. Paradise Lost represents a huge and complex undertaking by the Basilique company, one that is fascinating to read about and discover. As such, I thoroughly recommend anyone with an interest in theatrical production in SL, or in the subject matter itself, and who has not already done so, take a read of Canary Beck’s and Harvey Crabstick’s blogs.

For those interested in sponsoring the premiere season of Paradise Lost: The story of Adam and Eve’s original sin, there are still a number of slots available. Please contact either Becky or Harvey if you are interested.

Combining John Milton’s classic poem in blank verse with the Süssmayr completion of Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D minor, and using dance and ballet, Paradise Lost promises to be one of the most creative productions yet seen in a virtual environment such as Second Life.

This is not one to be missed – watch the trailers and see why.

Relay for Life Kick-off Celebration and events

logoSaturday March 8th and Sunday March 9th mark the Relay for Life of SL kick-off celebration, which will be taking place alongside a number of RFL team events being held across the grid as the 2014 Relay for Life season gets officially underway in Second Life.

There’s a lot going on, with plenty to keep people occupied and enjoying themselves,  with plenty of entertainment, music and opportunities to both fund-raise and donate to the cause.

The Kick-off Celebration

Relay For Life of Second Life kicks off it’s fundraising season on March 7-9th with a weekend FULL of celebration!  Teams have been registering and will be present at the kick-off regions with team vendors, kiosks and flags waving to show their team spirit.

On Saturday at noon the official Kick-Off Ceremony will begin.  This year’s ceremony will be presented by the 2014 Steering Committee, Stingray Raymaker, Nikki Mathieson, Dawnbeam Dreamscape and Random Padar Darrow.  It will also include a survivor speaker NickiB27 and readings from this year’s Division Chairs, Gemstone Sunkiller (Internal Support), Sunshine Zhangsun (Events/Design), Serina Juran (PR, Outreach) and Dwen Dooley (Tech).  The ceremony will conclude with the traditional PARADE OF TEAMS and with that, the 2014 RFL of SL Journey will officially begin!

Journey to Africa as a part of the RFL of SL kick-off celebrations...
Journey to Africa as a part of the RFL of SL kick-off celebrations…

So reads, in part, the official announcement of the kick-off event, some details of which I’ve previously published.

There are four regions for the Kick-off celebration, which has the theme of A Journey Through the Continents. Follow the path through the continents, from the sands and plains of Africa or through the tropical rains forests of South America and onwards around the world, passing team kiosks where you can tarry a while, join silent auctions, queue for a kiss at the kissing booths, buy merchandise and enjoy other fund-raising activities while T1 Radio broadcast music and events.

...or wander the olde worlde quays and watersaide kiosks ...
…or wander the olde worlde quays and watersaide kiosks …

The main SLurls for the kick-off celebration are:

Other Events on the Weekend

If the kick-off celebration gets a little too crowded for you, why not try hopping over to one of these events over the weekend?

And there are a slew of events through the week and beyond, all a part of RFL of SL’s 10th anniversary year – see the RFL of SL Events page for details!

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Lab says “no” to an independent future for Versu

One of the original Versu titles
One of the original Versu titles

Following the Lab’s move to axe Creatorverse, dio and Versu, I raised the question with Emily Short and the Lab on whether it might be possible for Versu to continue. I wasn’t alone in cogitating the idea, several others raised the same question, such as Ciaran Laval.

At the time I made my enquiries, Emily confirmed that discussions were underway while the Lab were reticent  to comment – understandably, simply because discussions were in progress.

On Saturday March 8th, and true to her promise that she would blog on the matter when she was in a position to do so, Emily issued a brief update, stating:

So for those who were curious, Linden has now given me a definite no about selling me the codebase and IP.

In reply to a comment expressing the hope that this won’t spell the end of Emily’s forays into social IF, she replied in part:

This is definitely not the end of my trying to build more socially-focused IF [interactive fiction], and we did learn a huge amount about how to make that work, not just in terms of a technical engine but in terms of authoring approaches. So there are things that can be built on even without access to the code or IP.

There is understandably a huge amount of disappointment involved here as well.  Blood and Laurels, the latest title Emily had been developing for Versu, represents the culmination of a concept she had been periodically working on for some fifteen years, and she acknowledges that she was really excited to see it finished. Even so, Emily remains pragmatic:

Still, on a total scale of possible bad things to have happen to one, it’s not very far along the bad thing spectrum. So we go on to the next.

Whether the Lab’s decision was based on them seeing a possible means of using the IP and code elsewhere is unknown. However, as Tateru Nino points-out in a further comment, that while regrettable, the decision by Linden Lab is actually a logical business decision, as whether it is used or not, the Versu IP represents a company asset. Even so, if the IP and code is destined to sit on a shelf unused, it is a shame a way could not be found to allow the project to survive. While it may not fit the Lab’s “shared creative spaces” model, the IF market does represent a viable niche market, and Versu itself represented a unique approach to presenting IF – and of even reaching beyond it into other fields of use.

While I never got to use Versu, of all the initial new product offerings from the Lab, it was the one that intrigued me the most; I’ll miss it.

SL projects update 10/2: group ban preview

Server Deployments: week 10 – recap

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread in the forums for the latest updates / changes.

  • On Tuesday March 4th, the Main channel was updated with the infrastructure update deployed the RC channels  in week 9.
    • On Wednesday March 5th, Magnum remained on the same server version as week 9, comprising the infrastructure update and enabled support for AIS v3.  BlueSteel and LeTigre were updated with a new server maintenance project which contains the following bug fixes:
      • Fixed a bug in which the server release notes link in “About Second Life” would sometimes fail to appear
      • Fixed a bug in which certain objects had incorrect status when crossing between regions
      • Fixed a crash mode

A question in the forum thread on the nature of the fix for “bug in which certain objects had incorrect status when crossing between regions” was responded to by Maestro Linden, who explained the fix was limited to what appears to be a single-case issue.

SL Viewer

The Sunshine project viewer moved to RC status on March 5th, with the release of version (download and release notes), and a new Voice viewer with Vivox updates entered the release channels as an RC viewer, version (download and release notes), both of which I previewed here.

The Maintenance RC viewer updated on March 6th to version (download and release notes). This view includes a range of LL-driven MAINT fixes, including crash fixes, updates to address CHUI-related issues, bug fixes and some localisation work – please refer to the release notes for details.

Group Bans

The Group Ban viewer is approaching a point where it will be appearing in a project viewer form, and it was put through its paces in a group test on Aditi (where some regions have the server-side support), during the Sever Beta meeting on Thursday March 6th.

I’ll be providing a complete overview of how this ability, which allows group own and those within the group assigned the group ban power, to eject and ban people – such as spammers – from a group. The capability is specifically aimed at groups with open enrolment, and those banned are unable to re-join it until such time as their ban has been lifted – although there is a maximum limit of 500 on the group ban list. Go beyond this, and attempts at further banning will fail until such time as one or more names are removed from the list.

I’ll be reviewing the capability in full once the viewer reaches a project viewer status, but in the meantime I’m including a couple of screen caps showing the some of the addition to the group floater which allow group bans to be managed but those empowered to do so.

Goup bans: the option to ban people from a group is available from the Members tab (l), and allws individual or multiple bans to be applied. Those banned are listed in Banned Agents tab (r), which include a button to unban names and a button to pre-actively add names to the ban list using the people picker
Group bans test viewer: the option to ban people from a group is available from the Members tab (l), and allows individual or multiple bans to be applied. Those banned are listed in Banned Agents tab (r), which include a button to unban names and a button to pre-actively add names to the ban list using the people picker

There’s still some work to be done on the viewer (there are some missing notifications, for example, and some issues were found in the when banning people, which need to be addressed). Also, the server-side code has yet to be deployed to the Main grid. So it may still be a little while before we see the group ban functionality progressing more towards more widespread use.

Other Items

Inventory Loss Issue

There are reports of some users experiencing inventory loss. It is said that around three JIRA reports have been filed on the matter, which started occurring on Magnum regions after the AIS v3 was enabled. However, whether or not the losses are linked to the code or not is unclear. The issues are being described as corrupt inventories, with all contents gone, and LL’s own inventory repair tools have failed to rectify matters. The situation is currently under investigation by the Lab, and it appears that the issue may be related to the use of “obscure” viewers.