Charting the growth of Second Life

With over 20,000 regions currently active on the grid, it is sometimes hard to picture just how big Second Life is, much less under how all the various component parts – continents, famous regional groups, places like the Blake Sea and Bay City – look and fit together. Harder still is to picture exactly how SL grew over the years.

Maps of Second Life

So, if you do have an interest in the physical growth and development of Second Life, or are curious about SL cartography, Maps of Second Life is well worth a visit.

Brought together and curated by Juliana Lethdetter, the exhibition features maps charting the history of Second Life from 2002 onwards, and features maps supplied by groups such as the Historical Society of Second Life, the SL Coast Guard, and individuals such as Carl Metropolitan and Marianne McCann.

Together, the maps present a fascinating portrait of Second Life over the last decade, not only tracing the growth of the main and beta girds, but also providing insight into regions such as the Steamlands, Blake Sea, Nautilus and Bay City. The SL roads and railways are also represented here with a series of maps, and there are a number of unique maps from residents and LL on display as well.

Carl Metropolitan’s famous maps of the SL continents (2009)

The exhibition also delves into the legend of Magellan Linden, who has been credited with the discovery of much of the historic landmass of the grid and documenting many of the pre-Linden artefacts found in these regions. Magellan himself mysteriously vanished in 2006, but an expedition formed by the intrepid Salazar Jack found evidence that Magellan was continuing his explorations as late as 2008, although his whereabouts today remains unknown.

Magellan Linden

The exhibition opened on June 30th, and is described as a “limited-time exhibit”. If you’ve not already done so, take time out and go and visit – you won’t be disappointed.

Historic Maps
New Babbage

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6 thoughts on “Charting the growth of Second Life

  1. I love maps. I love Second Life maps. I love to find things on maps and go there. This is cool and on my list of places i gotta get to.


  2. This is another fine example of how cool and unique SL actually is. It’s impossible to capture in a single sentence or a paragraph what makes SL so compelling — to some. Maps are a nice way to show that 🙂


    1. And if you open the inworld map and zoom way out, you can truly get a sense of the vastness of SL. This is how i became an explorer and adventurer, I would look at maps and wonder what is going on in a certain region. With 50-60,000 peple online, I kept wondering where all those people are. The most I’ve ever seen in a single region is ~90, so where is the other 59,910? When you see all those green dots on the map, it’s an awesome sight.


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