RFL: 2012 The Relay Weekend is upon us

Tomorrow, Saturday 14th July, sees the start oF RFL of SL Relay Weekend. Events will commence  at 10:00 SLT with the Opening Ceremony, after which the laps of the track will begin.

When visiting the RFL track, make sure you head for the Welcome Center when you first arrive. Here you can obtain the Pedometer and the Walk and Talk attachments by touching the Track Tools sign. These will measure your progress around the track and allow you to socialize while automatically walking around the track.

The RFL 2012 track

While at the Welcome Centre make sure you also click on the Luminaria sign and receive a reference to the colors of the Luminari and the Themed Laps sign for anotecard on the themed laps for the weekend.

Track Tools -credit: photo by Lyr Lobo

As well as the track walks, there will be a lot going on across all of the track regions. There are three music stages and there will be a wide range of activities throughout the weekend, including: an art show, flea market, silent auction, snail races, a breedables auction and water activities.

RFL 2012 Relay Weekend SLurls