Neva River: where thoughts drift

Update: Neva River is currently closed to public access

I’ve previously written about Wendy Xeno’s work in Second Life, having covered both Hazardous and Humanoid in these places. So I was intrigued to learn that she had helped with the design of Neva River, owned by Atteris Amarth and Neva Crystall.

Neva River
Neva River

Those who visited Humanoid will find Neva River somewhat familiar in terms of broad themes and tones: the same use of water and warm colours. The region offers a contemplative setting, with two houses designed by yacchan Clip and interior fittings by Neva Crystall which are open to exploration. Visitors are welcome to wander around the ground level areas and the houses, take photographs and simply pause and reflect in the last rays of a setting sun as clouds skitter overhead and birds wheels around the tree-tops before settling as the night draws in.

Use the local Windlight environment settings and enjoy.

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