Viewer release summary 2012: week 27

The following is summary of changes to SL viewers / clients (official and TPV) which have taken place in the past week. It is based on my Viewer Round-up Page, which provides a list of  all Second Life viewers and clients that are in popular use (and of which I am aware) and which are recognised as being in adherence with the TPV Policy.

This summary is published every Monday, and by its nature will always be in arrears. Therefore, for the most up-to-date information on viewers and clients, please see my Viewer Round-up Page, which is updated as soon as I’m aware of any changes, and which includes comprehensive links to download pages, blog notes, release notes, etc., for Viewers and clients as well as links to any / all reviews of specific viewers / clients made within this blog.  

Updates for the week ending: 8 July, 2012

  • SL Viewer updates:
    • Development: rolled to, July 8th
  • Dolphin rolled through two releases on July 6th, which had an issue with broken shadows and so was followed by on July 7th – core changes (taken from the release notes for both): FIRE-913, FIRE-6551 & FIRE-6823, FIRE-6774, FIRE-6862 all incorporated from Firestorm; “Return to last in-world position” inventory option removed as the functionality has been broken server-side by LL; CTRL-SHIFT-P to activate or deactivate the “Places” window; ALT-SHIFT-P to activate or deactivate the “Picks” window; bug fix for shadows issue  (24704 release notes; 24707 release notes)
  • Niran’s Viewer rolled to 1.44 a little after this summary was published on July 9th – core changes: use of LL’s Viewer rendering code; performance improvements; faster rendering of shadows, local lights, occlusion, etc.; integration of tone mapping from the Exodus Viewer
  • Zen Viewer rolled to release on July 3rd after version was rolled-out and removed due to bugs – core updates: Updated Spell Checker with Auto-Replace and Dictionary Import; Texture Compression Checkbox Graphics/Hardware Pref. Panel; Banlines Extended to 5000m; Cleanup for Texture Picker and IM Panel (release notes)
  • Cool VL Viewer rolled to on July 8th – core changes:  New “Object Weights” floater that can be opened from the Inspect floater; Improved Build floater; Improved avatar picker; Added the pathfinding related LSL functions and constants; Added a setting to disable default pose when opening the “Appearance” floater (Preferences->”Cool features->Miscellaneous); bug fixes and code improvements  (change log)
  • Lumiya rolled through release 2.1.0 on July 5th and then 2.1.1 on July 6th to fix crash issues – core updates: improved 3D view performance; OpenSim support; multiple account support; highlighting selected objects in 3D view; teleport home and close chat options added (release notes)

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