SL Web profiles: errors

Update July 11th: Those impacted by the errors are reporting that their web profiles and feeds all appear to be displaying the correct pictures / information.

Update 16:35 UTC, July 9th: Some users appear to still be experiencing issues; LL have confirmed that the problem is not related to any compromise to their systems (which was unlikely anyway), but rather to a database issue. Soft Linden has requested that if anyone contacted SL Support about this issue, could they e-mail him with the details

Update 12:15 UTC, July 9th: The Grid Status page reports the “unscheduled maintenance” completed at 02:29 UTC. Again, it is unclear as to whether this work was in any way connected to the web profiles / my.secondlife issues, but my own feed history now appears to be displaying the “correct” information. Others are similarly reporting their own feeds seem to now be OK.

Update 01:47 UTC, July 9th: At 11:46 UTC (16:45 SLT) LL commenced a period of “unscheduled maintenance” on SL. Shortly thereafter people again reported that the feed were inaccessible (which had been the case on an intermittent basis alongside of the problems reported below). Whether the maintenance work – which references in-world services – also includes web profiles and is unclear. At the time of writing the maintenance work is still ongoing and feeds remain inaccessible. 

Update: People from the US are reporting they are experiencing the issue as well, confirming the problem is more widespread than initial Twitter reports suggested. 

Second Life users are reporting issues with The problems are currently taking a number of forms:

  • The wrong pictures are showing up in people’s profiles
  • People’s posts are appearing in the wrong feeds
  • People are seeing posts from those they are not following appearing on their feeds.
Pallina60 Loon reports her Profile image appearing in Tifa Kobichenko’s feed

It is not clear how deep the problem runs, but many of those initially affected appear to be users based in Europe and there are concerns about accounts being compromised as a result of the issues. Issues are apparent whether viewing web profiles either via a browser or within the viewer.

There are some security concerns being voiced as well. While it is more likely that the issues are the result of a database error within LL’s servers rather than a deliberate hack or the result of the servers having been compromised, if you are affected and of a nervous disposition, you may want to consider changing your password.

Part of the issue on my feed: I’m receiving information on users I’ve not actually friended or am following

A JIRA has been raised on the issue – WEB-4844 – and you may want to check on your own feed and see if you are affected, particularly if you are in Europe. If you are, please ensure you WATCH the JIRA (votes do not count) and supply any information you can as to how the issue is affecting your web profile / feed in order to help bring it to LL’s attention.

14 thoughts on “SL Web profiles: errors

  1. well mine seems to be ok, up to a point I wouldn’t get too nervous about data security as it seems to be the same problem as slm. It appears that they tried to improve the speed of slm by what appeared to be putting some indexing in, which then threw up all manner of problems because some of the data appears to have been corrupted during the xsl-slm migration. This looks like very similar and it wouldn’t surprise me if dolt linden had a hand in both.

    I could be wrong of course – it’s not unheard of. 😉


    1. TBH – I originally had a comment at the top of the article referencing the SLM mess as I was thinking the same. Removed it so as not to muddy the waters.

      As to security, I’m in agreement with you, but there have been numerous questions and Tweets relating to accounts & security, so thought I’d give mention & the fact it’s probably unlikely.

      Would love to know if, perchance, there is a link between the SLM mess-up and this, but it will doubtless remain one of the great unknowns. Wonder if this will take the same amount of time to, umm, fix….


  2. I was affected, ‘my’ name and profile pics changed into at least 4 different ones in 30 mins. All seems to be fine for now, allthough all my posts and snapshots before 12:30 SL time are still under those strange names. (I noticed I was nr 3 affected, after Pallina60 .Loon and MaryGemini – and I am also in Europe, The Netherlands).


    1. I am curious as to whether anyone further afield than Europe is affected. I’m in the UK and didn’t appear to have an issue until I started drafting this piece, then on a refresh, up popped comments and bits from people I’m not following…


      1. I’m getting it in the US, and I can’t see any way that it could reasonably be localised by country. The errors aren’t caching issues on LL’s side either, it would seem – profile images are referenced from the semantically simple Amazon S3 by username, so there’s little margin for error. Despite this, this is definitely not my profile image. At least, not as of this writing.

        I don’t now how incorrect profile images managed to be uploaded to S3, but there you have it. Interestingly, the homepage is down due to internal server errors.


        1. The reports that it seemed to me limited to European users were coming via Twitter and most of those commenting on the JIRA appear to be from this side of the pond – or were at the time of writing. That it might be more widespread is what encouraged me to blog, despite the coverage on Twitter, Plurk and the feed itself. Am adding an update :).


  3. Well, I hadn’t noticed any issues earlier today with mine, but I’ve not been refreshing it lately either. I refreshed it a few moments ago to check if that had changed, and I got a “We’re sorry, but something went wrong” error page. Guess they must have taken the feed system down to work on it.


  4. Oh, that’s interesting. How silly of me. I was actually updating the profile of one of my alts (aye, I have some, for testing purposes… they’re really little used, and this one hadn’t a profile change since SL V.2 has been launched 😉 ) when I noticed that the uploaded picture would not load, even when refreshing — or would load correctly in the in-world viewer (but the zoomed-out picture would not!), but not on an external viewer.

    I just sighed and thought to myself, “Cache problems. Don’t fret. Tomorrow everything will be all right.” Then I went back to doing other things — like shopping! — when I got the message that LL was having some problems and doing some kind of emergency maintenance… but I had no idea what it was related to! I just found it strange: the in-world experience was flawless (a rare thing on the SLT prime hour during a weekend), and I wondered what was needing an “emergency maintenance”. Refreshing started to give some 500 errors (usually that’s related to server-side issues, but could also be some more cache issues, making that page come up instead of the expected one) and finally it was taken offline by LL.

    So, hmm, it’s strange that I didn’t actually connect the two things. I guess I’m always forgetting that Second Life is not just the virtual world, but a plethora of other services as well 🙂 I don’t believe that “accounts were compromised” — there were so many people affected that I don’t believe that a host of hackers would have fun deliberately switching messages and pictures. For instance, in my case, I was just changing the profile picture of an avatar which I log in with every odd month or so — with an empty timeline — so why would any hacker pick on that? It’s far more likely that some synchronisation thingy between LL’s “social” software, the Amazon cloud, and the web caching services went awry. I can imagine that different parts of the site get cached differently — each “item” on the page might be rendered separately, cached, sent to Amazon, and hopefully assembled in the right way — and the “connection logic” simply failed. It’s curious how LL needs to do some maintenance on the whole grid to fix that, but I suppose that all profile pictures are still assets…

    So, no, I don’t think it’s was a massive hacker frenzy 🙂 but just a caching problem. It seems to have been fixed anyway…


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