Duché de Coeur: third Annual Music and Arts Festival

The weekend of the July 27th through 29th will see the Academies Royale de Musique and Peinture hosting the The Duché  de Coeur’s third are proud to present the 3rd Annual Music and Arts Festival.

The event commences at 13:00 SLT on Friday the 27th July, with Tamra Sands performing at the Languedoc Opera House Ballroom. Events will then continue throughout the weekend at venues across the Duché’s regions in Second Life, featuring a number of familiar artists as well as names new to the Duché, with a grand total of 20 artists performing over the three days of the festival.

The Music and Arts Festival is presented in appreciation for the continued support of our audience and as a part of The Academies Royale de Music and Peinture’s mission to support and showcase fine music and art in Second Life. The Academie itself will be open throughout the festival and well feature many of the artists performing over the weekend.

Schedule of Events

As posted on royalcourts.ning.com and may be subject to update (all times SLT).

Friday July 27th:

  • Languedoc Coeur Ballroom
    • A Reception & Auction Opens the Festival
    • 13:00: Tamara Sands
    • 14:00: Therese Nightfire
    • 15:00: Clarice Karu
    • 16:00: Joaquin Gustav
  • Isla Pequena
    • 18:00: Voodoo Shilton
    • 19:00: SaraMarie Philly

Saturday July 28th:

  • Languedoc Coeur Beach
    • 11:00: JooZz Magic
    • 12:00: Mapoo Little
    • 14:00: Ceci Dover
    • 15:00: WaltKeys Faith
    • 16:00: Maxx Sabretooth
  • Queen’s Hamlet
    • 18:00: Kitty Zeddmore
    • 19:00: Ichie Kamachi
    • 20:00: Noma Falta
    • 21:00: Prowess Rayna

Sunday July 29th:

In-world Contacts

For more information about the Duché de Coeur of any of the festival events, contact Duc Bedrich Panacek, Duchess Tatiana Varriale or Duchess SkyeRyder Varriale.

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