LL add Support items to Search

Linden lab have added a new category to the latest Viewer Search (V2 + TPVs): the ability to search for support items.

The support options can be displayed by either selecting SUPPORT from the drop-down list of search options at the top of the Search window, or by clicking on the SUPPORT option towards the bottom left of the window. Bother of these will refresh Search and display a set of six check boxes you can use to refine your search of support subjects (note that you will probably have to resize the window to see all six). These are:

  • Linden Lab Policies
  • Knowledge Base
  • Answers
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • All wiki

By default, the first three options are checked as active. Search results themselves can be displayed either in your Viewer’s media browser or in your web browser, depending on how you have set your browser preferences.

Typical support search result displayed in the Viewer’s media browser

Overall, a useful and considered addition to Search.

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