Imprudence celebrates its birthday and a new project organiser

Just on a month after Jacek Antonelli announced she would be retiring from the Kokua / Imprudence project, the team have announced they have a new project organiser in the shape of  ZATZAi Asturias.

ZATZAi, aka Sean Greyhound in SL, has been active in SL since 2005, and among other notable activities, helped organise the in-world elements of SLCC 2007, and his appointment has been warmly received.

Also, this weekend see Imprudence celebrate its third birthday, and the team are marking this with a series of events across a number of grids. In Thursday 1st, they celebrated on their “home” grid, 3rd Rock. Over Friday and Saturday, they’ll be travelling to InWorldz, OSGrid and Second Life, with an open invite for friends and supporters and everyone else to join them in celebrating. Here’s where:

  • Friday September 2nd:
  • Saturday September 3rd:
    • OSGrid at Imprudence, commencing at 13:00 PDT
    • Second Life at Rouge, commencing at 22:00pm PDT
Purple rules: the Imprudence sim on OSGrid

Happy birthday, Imprudence!