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SL18B Welcome Area

Each year the Second Life Birthday events attracts resident exhibitors from across Second Life and its multiple communities, giving them the opportunity to promote their work and their activities to the virtual world at large, and SL18B in no exception. One of the communities that, through individual and cross-supportive exhibitions, always offers much to see is the Second Life arts community, and in this article I’ve tried to highlight as many of those that I’m aware are participating in this year’s event. If I have missed yours, then I extend my apologies.

Be sure to have Advanced lighting Model (ALM) active in your viewer (Preferences → Graphics → check Advanced Lighting Model) and that you are set to use Shared Environments (World → Environment → check Use Shared Environment).


The Archetype of Emergence – Vanessa Jane (l), SL18B Stunning; Inside Art – Ginger Lorakeet (r), SL18B Amaze


  • The Secrets of Moyaland – discover the Forest of Monsters, the underground Secret Services and the hilltop Manufacturing Secrets, all from the mind of French artist Patrick Moya (Moya Janus in SL).
  • The Hidden Secrets of the Grand Canyon – a photographic tour of this iconic location, courtesy of Immerdar Fredriksson.
  • Virtual Community Radio – serving all communities and residents in Second life, with music and programmes of specific interest to virtual citizens.
  • Bears Gone Wild – Randy Firebrand’s exhibition of photography featuring Linden bears as they explore Second Life.
  • Fishing for Oblivion – Chuck Clip’s installation.


One, No-One and One Hundred Thousand – Vita Treas

Using the title of the 1926 novel of self, perception and identity by Luigi Pirandello, Vita offs a labyrinth-like wall through her photography that presents the many facets of her involvement in Second Life – creation, design, role-play, sailing, horse-riding, fashion, art, exploration, so so on. Through these images, we can explore all that makes this virtual platform both a single place and a multitude of places without actually existing as a place; somewhere we can be both a single person or a multitude of identifies  whilst remaining no-one at all.

One, No-One and One Hundred Thousand – Vita Treas, SL18B Captivate

Direct Teleport

Further Art Installations at Captivate

  • What Are You Hiding? – Pixels Sideways  – an immersive, interactive environment featuring streaming media and ALM, in which kiosks ask you the question, What Are You Hiding? Click those to which you want to reply. A teleport will carry people to the Skyview for a view out over SL18B, and also to the Underworld.
  • Weymann Gallery – the Second Life photography of Luther Weymann celebrating the work of the Moles / Linden Department of Public Works.
  • The Stickleys – iSkye Silverweb’s house of (prim) stick people, a getting-back-to-basics installation celebrating the humble prim.


  • UASL’s Lucid Dreaming – an immersive environment by the United Artists of Second Life (UASL), an artist group in SL that creates and exhibits art.
  • Phobos Jamberoo – photographing Second Life since 2006.
  • STÖMOL – in 2020, Huckleberry Hax released STÖMOL, a feature-length science fiction film created entirely in Second Life (you can catch my review here). A runner-up in the 2020 Supernova Digital Motion Art Festival, the film is celebrated within this installation.
  • A Photo Tour of Elf Haven & IoW – take a photographic tour of the Elf Haven and Isle of Wyrms regions.
  • The Lost Refuge – a collaboration between Silas Merlin and Solas Enchantment. Stand amongst the statues upon the 5 giant pillars that guard the elements and seek the book of lore, then use it to find five stones that house the gifts and a  hidden world beneath you.
Stunning Tenshu – London Junkers (l), SL18B Stunning; UASL’s Lucid Dreaming (r), SL18B Electrify



  • Happy Art Maze by Yoko Ayukawa – explore the maze of painting by Yoko.
  • House of Cards by Johannes Huntsman – representing the chance that life plays which determines how our world and life will turn out. Sometimes we exist surreal, sometimes abstract, other times realistic.
  • Inside the Box by Krystali Rabeni – who are we? Where are we?


Sinful Retreat: Dive into Art

Chuck Clip’s Sinful Retreat fell region has become an expressive centre for promoting all forms of artistic expression. With a focus on 2D art from both the physical and digital domains and 3D art, Sinful Retreat also offers a centre for performance art as well.  For SL18B Chuck has brought together a highly expressive journey into art that features the works of 34 artists active in Second Life, a rich mix of “d and 3D works from many of the most recognised artists using the platform and an equal number whose names may not be so familiar, but whose work in no less engaging.

Dive into Art – Sinful Retreat, SL18B Sparkle

Alongside the visual art, Dive Into Art offers a peek into the art of the written word – poetry and prose – that also has a place within Second Life. More than an exhibition, Dive Into Art is itself a chapter of the story of art in Second Life, as demonstrated by the panels opposite the main entrance that start you on your journey.

Direct teleport.

Further Art Installations at Sparkle

  • The Hidden Worlds of Turin – a photographic journey through the the Italian city of Turin, and the third in a series going back to SL17B by Rubin Mayo.
  • Often Lost and Forgotten – Rusalka Writer’s photographic journey to Second Life destinations down the years.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole – Tempest Rosca-Huntsman’s delightful 3D take on the famous Alice stories by Lewis Carroll.
  • The Dirty Grind – drop in and learn about the independent artists community that mixes virtual and performance arts and music.
  • CioTToLiNa Xue’s Robot Garden – even robots like to celebrate SL18B, as Ciottolina’s little garden diorama (landscaped with the help of Terrygold) reveals.
  • Under the Wave – one of two installations by London Junkers.
Down the Rabbit Hole – Tempest Rosca, SL18B Sparkle


  • The Archetype of Emergence – Vanessa Jane is more widely known as a 2D artist. However, as SL18B she presents a 3D work challenging visitors to ask: “What’s swimming in your unconscious ready to emerge and take flight?”
  • Stunning Tenshu – one of two installations by London Junkers.
  • Worlds Within Worlds – the physical world photography of Caro Fayray celebrating humankind and nature.

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