Blog changes, June 2021

The Top menu and LL sub-menu on this blog have been revised – see below for details

I’ve had a handful of comments over the last week concerning further small changes to the blog – notably the header, but also about navigation via the menus, so I thought it was time to offer a note on changes.

The new blog banner is a composite image kindly put together by Sonotech Gloom, and hopefully offers something just that little bit different with its suggestion of stepping through a teleport portal.

Sono is someone who is great fun to be around, but more importantly in this context, is a talented graphics designer. If you have a logo or banner you want for your website, your SL store, your event, etc., you really should give her a shout and discuss ideas / rates. My thanks to her for working with me on various banner ideas.

Turning to navigation: I’m always trying to rationalise the blog’s menu system whilst trying to ensure popular information remains accessible. To this end, I introduced some new “Archive” options to some of the sub-menus (Exploring Second Life, RFL, SLB, etc.) at the end of 2020, the idea being to keep the current (and perhaps previous) year’s entries easily accessible, whilst reducing the overall bulk of a menu. However, the tag cloud and search can help focus down on specific subject areas, if required.

More recently, I’ve rationalised the LL menu tree thus:

  • An updated sub-menu option provides access to articles on the Lab’s board and current / plus past CEOs.
  • Tilia Pay is now included under the LL menu, rather than having its top menu option.
  • An expanded Meeting Transcripts/Summary option provides to all transcripts and summaries I’ve provided on significant meetings  / keynotes / presentations by members of the Lab’s management team. This includes (at the time of writing) the following sub-menu options:
    • Lab Gab / Lab Chat.
    • Lindens at VWBPE.
    • SLB Meet the Lindens.
    • Town Hall meetings.

Hopefully, all this helps reduces some of the clutter and noise in the menus and give a bit more room for expansion, should it bee needed in the future.

Paying respects to Ebbe Altberg in Second Life

Ebbe Altberg memorial

On Friday, June 4th, Linden Lab announced that the company’s CEO, Ebbe Altberg had passed away. Across the grid and blogsphere, tributes and obituaries have been offered in the wake of the news.

Ebbe Altberg memorial

Now, for those who wish to commemorate Ebbe’s time with the Lab and pay respects to his memory in-world, a memorial has been created on – appropriately – Altberg region in Bellisseria.

Designed by the Moles of the LDPW, the region features a single island that is home to the memorial. Surrounded by fir trees offering a hint of Scandinavia, with water falling into a pond that feeds flowers, the memorial stands  as a tall bronze figure of Ebbe, with a photo of him and the text of announcement of his passing located at the base of the plinth.

Candles are also to be found at the base of the statue, which will light on being touched, and benches are available for those who wish to sit and remember Ebbe and his time at the Lab.

The island is a gentle, quiet place; a place one cannot help but feel Ebbe himself would appreciate.  A place where contemplation and reflection can be embraced.

So, for all those who  do wish to pay their respects to Ebbe in-world, I can think of no better place in which to do so.

The base of the statue includes the test of the announcement of Ebbe’s passing (l), while the memorial has been drawing a steady stream of visitors (r)

With thanks to the Moles for creating the memorial.

Note: as Tish Coronet has pointed out via the SL Feeds, be sure to look down on the memorial from overhead – the ground before Ebbe’s has been set memorial has actually been set out to form the Second Life Hand logo, the statue replacing the eye. 

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