Second Norway: making the changes

Second Norway, March 2020

At the end of April I was able to confirm that Second Norway, after recent concerns about its future, would be continuing as a part of the Luxory Estates group, with Vanity Bonetto and her team taking over day-to-day management of things – land management and sales / rentals, etc., with Ey, Mialinn, SlaYeR, joining the Luxory team with responsibilities for the road and rail network, management of the Second Norway airport and for social / community elements within the estate. See: Second Norway: the future is bright.

In that article, I noted that as part of the change-over, there would be a certain amount of work being put into the estate, with the northern regions being re-worked to offer new island home spaces, together with a re-laying of roads and rail systems through the more connected regions within the estate.

Second Norway: one of the new islands, already occupied

So what has happened in the two weeks since the hand-over? Well, rather a lot. As Vanity noted to me as I dropped in to take a look at progress:

We are working our pixels off here!

The northern regions have now all been relaid to offer three or four islands apiece (although some have “mainland”elements running through them. These offer islands sized between (at the time of writing) 7,292 sq m through to 11,776 sq m (although there was one smaller parcel at 4,688 sq m still available). Prices for the parcels are in line with other Blake Sea estates, and can be found in the Second Norway sales office).

Second Norway: one of the larger island parcels awaiting occupancy

To the south, closer to the airport and the land around it, parcels with water and road access are in development, although it will be a while longer before these are ready of occupancy. At the same time, Ey and SlaYeR have been rebuilding the road and rail system, as Ey recently blogged:

We have been here before, SlaYeR and I. Hauling railroad tracks, getting them in place. Laying warm asphalt on new stretches of road. As the basic terraforming of the north-west is now done, the (rail)road guys can move in, as we have done many times before. New land will emerge connected to the road network. This is sort of back to the future for us.

  – Ey Ren, May 9th, 2020

Second Norway: the new waterfront district being developed by AustinLiam

South of the airport is a further development, this one being undertaken by AustinLiam, offering a working waterfront district, with further rental islands alongside of it.

Even with the work on-going, sales have started, and the new parcels are proving popular among former Second Norway renters who had to move out while the changes were made to the extent that Vanity informed me the Luxory land team are finding it hard to keep pace with demand. Despite all the changes, the open waterways have remained operational, and it’s possible to sail / motorboat around the new islands even while the work continues.

The rental islands come pre-formed and semi-landscaped with rocks and a small channel that cuts through one corner to provide a small, separate island reached via a connecting stone bridge. Moderate terraforming is allowed, providing that it is neither excessive nor spoils the overall theme for the estate – so no private mountains or fjords! Similarly, building and other structures must be in overall accordance with Second Norway’s temperate / northern latitude theme.

Second Norway: two more of the new rental islands, already occupied

There’s still a way to go with the changes, as both Vanity and Ey note; but considering it’s only been a couple of weeks since the hand-over occurred, a lot has been achieved, and it’s easy to see the Second Norway is well on the way to becoming a renewed community with a secure future that offers a lot to tenants and visitors alike.

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