Second Norway: the future is bright

Second Norway, March 2020

Following my March pieces on Second Norway and Sailors Cover East and the issues of their respective futures (see: Second Norway & Sailor’s Cove East: rumours & statements – March 23rd and Second Norway and Sailor’s Cove East – status update – April 3rd), I was contacted by Vanity Bonetto, CEO of Luxory and Willowdale Estates, asking if I could put her in contact with Ey, as she had an interest in taking on Second Norway.

Given that Vanity has been able to take over a number of smaller SL estates that have got into difficulties over the years and then turning them around (she took over Willowdale some two years ago when it was just 30 regions – today it comprises some 250 regions), I was only too happy to handle introductions and then get out of the way and let them discuss matters.

Discussing Second Norway’s future with Vanity (l) and Ey (r)

Those discussions have now led to a positive outcome, and I’m happy to be able to provide a further update on all that has happened /  will be happening (although those reading Ey’s Bad Elf blog will already be aware of the situation 🙂 ).

In short, all regions in Second Norway will be continuing, but under the management of Vanity and the Luxory team, with Ey, Mialinn, SlaYeR joining them. Going forward, they will be managing the Second Norway Airport and the social community aspects of the estate.

I hope that before long Mialinn, SlaYeR and I can invite people to fun nights in the SN club with DJs, quizzes and general jibberish talk, just like in the old days.

– Ey Ren

To directly support the land management aspects of the estate, Vanity is bringing on a dedicated team of sales and support agents.

One of my experienced sales team members will be leading things. It takes around four weeks for new agents to get up to speed with our processes, so the new team will have time to learn while we’re redeveloping parts of the estate.

– Vanity Bonetto

For the present, the estate is to be split into two working parts. Note that this is not an actual physical divide in the regions, but rather a means to differentiate areas in terms of the work that will be taking place. Under it, the southern regions, which include places such as Bryggen, the stave church and Second Norway Airport (SNO) will initially remain largely unchanged, with the airport re-opening for business.

The development plan
Meanwhile, the northern regions will undergo an overhaul by Vanity’s landscaping team. This work will be extensive, and requires those residents in them to at least temporarily relocate. It’s a hard thing to do, but one seen as necessary; however, incentives will be offered to encourage people to return once the work has been done. The redevelopment also means that the estate’s regional express train tracks will be removed – but the system will return once the work has been completed.

It’s the only way to upload new terrain files – but we will extend special offers to all current and former residents so that it will pay out for them and make it worth to return to Second Norway in some weeks.

The island to the north will be updated, and over time we’ll offer more to the east and then progress south and demand requires. These island will be of different shapes and sizes. There will be multiple parcels close to the airport while the regions in the north, east and south will offer more privacy.

– Vanity Bonetto

To help with the transitioning, some of the current Second Norway residents have been shown the new designs for the regions that Vanity’s team have been putting together in the Luxory Estates “Lab regions”, and the feedback has been positive.

An example of the new Second Life regions under development at the Luxory lab regions. Note the tall columns are the rezzer systems for deploying each island’s features

A further benefit of the transfer of ownership is that the remaining 17 regions of Sailor’s Cove East can be retained, although not as they currently are. Rather than competing with the 24 regions Patrick agreed to take over, these regions will now be relocated to Second Norway and form a part of the redevelopment work.

As it is, the transfer of ownership from Ey to Vanity and Luxory estates was concluded on Friday, April 24th. The path is now clear for the work in overhauling the northern regions to commence, and for Ey and his team to start on a new chapter in the history of the Second Norway Airport and the social aspects of the estate.

I am relieved and happy that Vanity has agreed to take ownership of Second Norway …  I would like to express my gratitude towards the residents who have been living in Second Norway for years and have been very good sports when it comes to these changes.

– Ey Ren

On my part, I’m happy to see the Second Norway / SCE situation resolved so positively, and I particularly look forward to further covering the work at Second Norway. My thanks to both Vanity and Ey for keeping me in the loop on matters, and for spending time with me on April 27th.


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