Shippe & Saille Harbor Master in Second Life

The Shippe and Saille Harbor Master (Bimini and fishing rods deployed)

As a rule of thumb, I tend not to seek copies of items for review in these pages; those I do produce tend towards items I have purchased. The reason for this is because I feel I can give a fairer review if I’m writing about something I’ve purchased. That said, there are a couple of of exceptions to the rule, and I’m about to make a third in this case.

LadyJane Shippe sent me the latest from her Shippe and Saille brand, the Harbor Master, a slightly rescaled model of the Harbor Master 19, a dory style hulled cruiser with a forward cabin space, and itself based on the classic open Outboard Dory 18. It’s a small, fairly nimble craft driven (in the case of this version) by a 50 horse power outboard motor.

The Shippe and Saille (r) moored alongside the Bandit 170 at home, with the Bandit 580 behind them both

The S&S Harbor Master is reportedly 15% larger that its physical world equivalent, so as to present enough space for all sizes of human  avatars within the cabin and the covered pilot house. It is not, at first glance, a particularly elegant boat when compared to other cabin cruisers; the snub bow, forward placement of the cabin and high roof to the pilot house tend to give it something of an ungainly look. But looks, as the hoary old saying goes, can be deceptive.

Outside of the increase in size – which given it is proportional, isn’t that noticeable – this is a faithful reproduction of the Harbor Master 19, fully capturing the shape of the dory hull, the cabin and pilot house. The latter offers bench seating for two, and the cabin basic sleeping space for two – although the boat will carry up to three.  Behind the benches, the open cockpit offers room for equipment stowage, etc. A cooler box sits at the back of the cockpit, which might be considered at keeping drinks on ice or used to hold any fish caught when out and about.

Fishing aboard the Shippe & Saille Harbor Master

Fishing, because the boat is compatible with a number of Second Life fishing systems – WZW fishing, 7 Seas, and Goldtokens rod. Two rods can be rezzed in the holders towards the stern of the hull, and the pose system also include fishing poses that will auto-rez (temp) fishing rods. In addition, the user manual provides instructions on swapping the latter out for any preferred rods an owner might have.

Rezzing the two rods on the boat increases the LI from 31 to 34, which still leaves the boat a modest count in terms of LI. Other options that are included with it are a cockpit Bimini “raised” and “lowered” by the pilot’s chat command of “Bimini”, an opening /closing cabin skylight or door, and an anchor that can be raised / lowered, as can the outboard motor (the latter of which is raised by default on a fresh rezzing of the boat)., and the boat’s fenders. All of these, bar the cabin skylight and door, are activated via chat commands (the skylight by touch).

If rezzed out of Linden Water, the boat will raise itself and rez a 6 LI trailer underneath to support it

Handling-wise the boat follows the usual lines: the majority of commands are chat based, although some  – such as the lights – use the switches in the pilot house. the arrow / WASD keys handle steering and the throttle. The latter has four forward and four reverse settings (dead slow, slow, half, and full) sitting either side of the idle setting. Additionally, the Page keys can be used to rapidly toggled between idle and half speed (forward or reverse). In terms of driving, the boat is extremely responsive and the chat command for the camera can be used to help recover the camera position should things go sideways on a region crossing (including the “cc” command for any passenger – a nice touch).

Painting the boat can be handled in one of two ways. Those wishing to just change their Harbor Master’s name can use the hull texture included in the user guide. Those wishing to make more extensive changes can find a link to download a comprehensive set of texture and UV maps. As a copy / mod vehicle, this boat is also open to a degree of physical customisation – general guidelines are provided in the user guide for those wishing to do so.

The Shippe & Saille Harbor Master

Those who enjoy Get The Freight Out will find a GTFO option in the the Habor Master package. Once unpacked, simply add the script and GTFO item it contains to the boat’s contents, and your ready to use it with the game.

I’ve not used the Harbor Master extensively, having made fewer than a dozen runs in it – although three have been reasonably long distance across and around Blake Sea and along the coast of Nautilus. Throughout, I found the boat to be responsive, made good recoveries on region crossings and generally presented no real handling problems.  At L$1,900, it’s very well priced, and just the job for those looking for a modestly-priced, small-sized motor cruiser for open water or river cruising.

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2020 viewer release summaries week #19

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Updates for the week ending Sunday, May 10th

This summary is generally published every Monday, and is a list of SL viewer / client releases (official and TPV) made during the previous week. When reading it, please note:

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  • By its nature, this summary presented here will always be in arrears, please refer to the Current Viewer Release Page for more up-to-date information.
  • Note that for purposes of length, TPV test viewers, preview / beta viewers / nightly builds are generally not recorded in these summaries.

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A cosy coffee lounge in Second Life

Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar – May 2020 – click on an image for full size

Sitting just off the east coast of Nautilus and at the western each of the clustered private islands to be found there, sits the Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar, the creation of Franz Markstein. Occupying a quarter of a Homestead region, it is an attractive setting, accessible by both teleport and by air / water.

West-facing, the bar sits above a strip of beach amidst tropical greenery. High-ceilinged and with a small mezzanine, it has a light, airy look and feel, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows along the west side of the bar, while the mezzanine offers a more cosy retreat and seating area. Vines and greenery help to both break up the interior walls and also to give the bar a sense of oneness with the surrounding greenery.

Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar – May 2020

To the side of the main bar are three further rooms that sit as a smaller, cosy lounge, a little music room / gallery space and a library / study. They offer little getaways within the bar’s own sense of getaway.  For those who prefer an outdoor setting, there is both the beach and, between it and the bar, an overgrown but still comfortable garden, a bubbling brook tumbling down the rocks to one side and across the beach to the sea.

Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar – May 2020

Littered by the wrecks and ruins of boats, the beach offers several places to sit, from a look-out tower to deck chairs, all open to the sound of the surf washing up over the sands. At the north end of the beach and tucked below the rocks that hold up the bar, is a long wharf.

With auto return set to zero, this offers those coming by boat or float plane the opportunity to come alongside, enjoy the bar and its modest surroundings without the fear of their boat going poof and leaving them without the means to resume their water journey. A small fishing boat is moored at the wharf, but it still leaves plenty of room for others to come alongside, so long as they are not ridiculously big.

Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar – May 2020

One of the things that makes this bar particularly attractive to me is the manner in which it has been marvellously kitbashed by Franz, using a Funatik building as its base. This gives it an entirely unique styling and look that suits its location admirably, while the overall décor has clearly been considered to give the bar its sense of warmth despite its size.

Whether you arrive by teleport, boat or float plane, the Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar is a richly detailed delight to visit.

Mediterraneo Coffee and Lounge Bar – May 2020

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