Blog navigation update, March 2020

The updated menus in this blog

As a result of Sansar’s departure from Linden Lab to pastures new (see Linden Lab confirm the sale of Sansar to Wookey Project Corp – updated), I’ve made some minor updates to the menus and navigation in this blog, as shown in the image above and explained below:

  1. A new top-level blog menu Category, Tilia, replaces the Sansar category. This will be used for information and updates relating to Linden Lab’s Tilia Inc., subsidiary, and includes sub-menu options for general news on Tilia, and articles about Tilia  / Tilia operations that are specific to Second Life.
  2. The Sansar category, with all sub-menus relating to it,  has been moved to appear under the Other Worlds and Tech menu category.
  3. Sansar is kept distinct from those worlds I’ve covered in the past (Blue Mars, Cloud Party, High Fidelity, OpenSim grids, etc.), to distinguish it as a platform I’m still currently reporting on. Other worlds / platforms are listed under the Other Virtual Worlds Archive sub-menu (not shown above).

The menus will hopefully remain in this format for the foreseeable future (allowing for the resumption of work on Sansar and my ability to report on it), and I’ll leave this post up as a sticky for the next few days just so people are aware of the changes.