Lumiya client: availability (updated May 3rd)

Update, May 3rd: it appears Lumiya may have been caught by recent changes to changing Google Play policies and Google’s updated developer terms (which apparently require the agreement of all app developers).

The changes to the Google Play policies actually caused some companies  – such as HTC – to temporarily remove their apps from Google Play until they could issue updates in compliance with the new policies, with HTC commenting:

In order to comply with the latest Google Play policy, we have temporarily removed a number of HTC applications from the Google Play Store. Applications will be republished over the coming weeks as we deploy new updates.

Sources have suggested that, subject to compliance with the the new policies, smaller developers have either removed their apps or may have had their apps suspended by Google Play pending their formal agreement to the new policies.

I’ve not heard back from Alina on the subject, but Lumiya Support Manager, Kaleaon, indicated that the above may well be reason for Lumiya’s (hopefully temporary) disappearance from Google Play, saying:

I know Alina’s been busy, so she may not yet have had the time to provide her approval.

I’ll provide further updates should I obtain more news.


I was going to hold-off blogging on this until I’d heard back from Alina Lyvette, but as there is already some discussion on the matter, as well as some blog posts, I thought I’d add some notes.

Lumiya is currently unavailable from the Google Play website.

However, and at the time of writing (these may change over time):

  • The viewer is still available via SlideMe, which is listed on the Lumiya website as the “official” alternative means of obtaining the client – see
  • Similarly, the Lumiya plug-ins, the cloud storage option and the voice option are still available via Google Play.
  • At the time of writing, the client still works on suitable Android devices, and log-ins work just fine.

It is not at all clear why Lumiya has vanished from Google Play at this point in time. It might be a problem at Google Play’s end, or it might be something else.

I have been attempting to contact Alina (the client’s creator) on the matter (her time in-world appears limited nowadays, so hoping e-mail works), and have also pinged the support folk as well.

I’ll update this piece when / if I get any feedback from Alina and / or Kaleaon about the matter.

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Aptoide link removed as a result of questions concerning lack of payment option.

6 thoughts on “Lumiya client: availability (updated May 3rd)

  1. I really hope it doesn’t vanish for good. Lumiya is one of the strongest arguments for me to switch from iOS to Android for the Tablet too.


  2. Lumiya is a great app. Now that the Oculus Quest has arrived, I hope Alina’s ‘busyness’ is devoted to creating the first viable #VR HMD client for Second Life. It would be a game changer for SL! My continued hope is that SL is holding out for widespread 5G availability, so that they can offer cloud-based edge rendering and save us all from Playskool #VirtualReality and the inevitable attempt by Facebook to take over the Metaverse!


  3. Is it just me and my friend, or is anyone else having issues with seeing/using poses and animations on Lumiya?


    1. The best place to sk questions of this type in the in-world Lumiya support group.


        1. Search for Lumiya Support using the search function in the viewer. You can join the group for free.


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