Gone in 27 minutes in Second Life

Motoring through some of the new houseboat regions

A total of 709 new Linden Home houseboats were made available on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019, after a build-up of expectation.

I had wondered if the new regions, that arrived alongside Bellisseria, the Linden Homes continent might see one more move prior to being opened, but as was quickly shown, this wasn’t the case. This does leave the new regions supporting the houseboats looking – at this point in time at least, but who knows what might come in time – looking like a bit of an after-thought bolt-on to the continent, but there can be no doubting their popularity: all 709 were gone in just 27 minutes.

(l) the line-up before the release of the new houseboat regions; (r) the situation a few minutes after the launch with people at their new houseboats, even as the regions were being restarted (those in red)

The release saw a huge build-up along the north-eastern side of Bellisseria, the closest point to the new region, with two regions in particular – Graff and Dorma – bearing the brunt of the interest, each having in excess of 50 avatars in them in the hours leading up to the release. A lot of this saw social interactions, although I opted to watch via the Map while paying a visit to another region.

The Houseboats are available to select as we release them via the Linden Homes Land selection page, and access to the continent addition is open. We will have a set of region restarts to go through, so please bear with us as that happens if you enter the regions right away.

We know they will go very quickly, but as time goes on we will get more out, and hopefully faster.

Our next focus will be to bring more Traditional Homes plus more Houseboats in another smaller launch while working in parallel to a larger launch and an exciting new theme.

As usual, stay tuned here for more updates!

Patch Linden’s forum announcement that the houseboats were available

The Squishy Pickle bar: the social hub of the new regions

The houseboats were released via the Linden Homes web page at 10:00 SLT, together with a warning that some of the regions were being restarted. But the latter didn’t dampen any of the desire to obtain one of the new units: within seconds of the opening of the doors, people were literally pouring into the regions to see their new houseboat – and fortunately Caitlyn was among them as well.

In commenting on the state of play, Patch noted that there was some churn during the 27 minutes: people grabbing a houseboat, checking the location, then abandoning it in the hope of getting a better spot. How many may have missed out on an opening as a result is hard to say, it’s possible some people may have come away a little disappointed – hence the comment from Patch of the focus on making a further “smaller launch” of houseboats and houses.

The new houseboat regions and landscaping

There had also been some churn in the lead-up to the release with some people with Traditional Homes abandoning them in favour of being ready for the houseboats, as was noted on various forum threads.

I took a boat ride through the new regions following their release, and the level of activity was pleasing to see as people set about decorating their new homes, together with a large uptick in conversation and activity in the Bellisseria in-world groups – and the founding of a residents newspaper The Bellisserian – of which more anon!

In the meantime, congrats to all those who snagged one of the new houseboats!

Visiting Rosa Scotia in Second Life

Rosa Scotia; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickrRosa Scotia – click any image for full size

A recent arrival in the Destination Guide is Rosa Scotia, a Homestead region designed by Pokute Burt, who describes the region thus:

Here you will find a small island filled with wonderful décor, and a great place to hangout! Lots of event treasures arranged in a very artistic way. Relaxing, good for photography, or just hanging out in a place that is peaceful.

And, I have to admit, in making our visit, this is a region that is exactly as it is described, and quiet wonderfully so.

Rosa Scotia; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickrRosa Scotia

The island really is quite small, a rugged postage stamp in the middle of the region, flanked to the north-east and north-west by two small islets, one of which is home to a lighthouse, the other a small, flat-topped  islet featuring what appears to be an empty, ivy-covered structure.

Small it might be, but the region packs a lot into it. The landing point sits on the west side of the island on a small wharf. Above this sits a little commercial area set out around a cobbled square. The square is in turn bracketed on one side by a truly delightful café, and on the other a bar is sandwiched between a barber’s and a pizzeria. These appear to occupy the ground floor of an old hotel – the sign is still prominently displayed – while stairs lead up to furnished apartments and a small  music club.

Rosa Scotia; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickrRosa Scotia

A path cuts through the middle of the island, west-to-east, providing access to a beach on the east side. Slightly tired-looking, this offers an old volleyball net, an aged pier with rickety bar at the end of it, and that might have once been a lifeguard station or fisherman’s cabin.

Between the two, sitting either side of the path are two buildings: a Tuscan-style villa and a single-room cabin with grapes growing on the vine outside. Whether the two are related to one another or not is open to personal interpretation; however, both are fully furnished and offer excellent places for meeting and hanging out or for photography – something that can also be said of the other buildings on the island.

Rosa Scotia; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickrRosa Scotia

With their surrounding curtain of trees isolating them from the rest of the island, the two houses have a nice clubhouse feel to them, with the woodlands offering a place for wildlife to roam. These touches help give the feeling that the island is, despite its small size, not in any way crowded.

A final feature of the island lies on the south-east, with a bridge spans the water to provide access to a tiny block of rock on which the raised hand of the Statue of Liberty, complete with torch, sits within a little walled garden.

Rosa Scotia; Inara Pey, May 2019, on FlickrRosa Scotia

Small to the point of cosiness without feeling claustrophobic and with a westward view towards Loki Eliot’s Escapades island – a place that is itself well worth a visit – Rosa Scotia is a small, pleasing destination ripe for visiting and exploration.

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