Terrygold’s Windows in Second Life


Windows is the title of a new exhibition by Italian artist Terrygold, which opens at 13:00 SLT on Monday, June 20th. Located high above the Solo Donna club, home to the Art on Roofs exhibitions (use the teleport board from here to reach the exhibition proper), Windows is another series of Terrygold’s compelling avatar studies, some of which are set within sash window frames, indicating one aspect of the exhibition’s title.

To enjoy the exhibit the most, it is advisable to set your viewer to Ambient Dark (or a similar windlight) on arrival, and also make sure ALM is enabled so you get the full benefit of the projected lights. Instructions on how to do this are provided for Firestorm users at the arrival point, which also contains the first three images in the display.


Once your viewer is set, Step on to the brick path. Bordered on either side by hedges, this takes you past four further nude images of the artist. The two on the left feature her standing behind an open window and on a window ledge; both are intimate portraits, casting the onlooker into the role of photographer or lover. The two images on the right present her standing before part of a much larger set – one which the brick path directs you towards.

Here street lamps light the way to the façade of a gaily painted town house, sitting at the end of a “street” whilst window-fronted boxes hand in the dark sky around and over you as you make your way to the entrance to the house, within which sit 17 further new works.


The Windows theme takes a slight different here; the images are absent any sign of sash windows, being instead transformed into windows in their own right, each one providing us with just a glimpse of a story within it, or framing a moment in time. Throughout all of them is Terrygold’s trademark use of black and white with just a hint of colour – noticeably red – to capture our attention.

The stories offer here are many in form. Some of this images suggest purely artistic nuances, other sway towards the sensual, while some are openly erotic. Tacchi Cherry (literally “Cherry Heels”, seen above, left) is actually quite startling in the charged eroticism it carries; while alongside of it, Orologio (Clock) is equally startling in its layered meaning of our relationship with time – and its mastery over us.


Available to buy, each of the images here is bound to catch your attention, marking this as another superb exhibit  by and outstanding photographer. Windows formally opens at 13:00 SLT, as noted above, and will remain open through until Sunday, July 10th. Recommended.

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