Meet the Lindens (and more) at SL13B

via SL13B website
via SL13B website

The SL13B celebrations commence this year, and Linden Lab has announced their involvement in the festivities which will roll through the week of Sunday, June 19th through Sunday June 26th inclusive.

Alongside all of the resident-led events and activities planned to mark SL’s 13th anniversary, the Lab is running a number of events and activities at the SL13B Community Celebration regions.

Full details are available in the official blog post, but here are some highlights.

Hear senior Linden staff talk about Second Life and more at the SL13B auditorium
Hear senior Linden staff talk about Second Life and more at the SL13B auditorium

Meet the Lindens – Monday – Friday, 15:00 SLT

A chance to meet with some of the people who keep Second Life working, who bring us new tools and capabilities, and provide support to the community. They’ll be discussing all things Second Life and doubtless taking questions at the Astound Auditorium and Enchant Stage on the following dates:

Monday 20th June Brett and Torley Linden from the Community team
Tuesday 21st June Ebbe Linden, CEO Linden Lab
Wednesday 22nd, June Landon Linden, VP of Operations and Platform Engineering; Oz Linden, Technical Director, Second Life
Thursday 23rd June Xiola Linden, Lead Community Manager, and Pete Linden, Senior Director, Global Communications
Friday 24th June Patch Linden, Senior Manager, Product Operations, and Dee Linden, Land Product Specialist

SL Music Fest

Following the success of the Sl12B Music Fest, the Lab are hosts another series of concerts over the weekend of Friday June 24th through Sunday June 26th.  For four ours each data top SL musicians and singers will be performing at Stage Left at SL13B.

Friday June 24th Saturday June 25th Sunday June 26th
11:00: JueL Resistance 20:00: Oblee 16:00: Zachh Cale
11:30: Phoenix J 20:30: Oblee 16:30: Mavenn
Noon: Phoenix J 21:00: Evely Lane 17:00: Shannon Oherlihy
12:30: Taka Coeur 21:30: Toxic Darkmatter 17:30: Ambrosia Kamala
13:00: Tempio Breil 22:00: Jerry Angel 18:00: Frogg Marlowe
13:30: Engrama 22:30: Paul Nowles 18:30: Spiral Sands
14:00: Engrama 23:00: Tzaryna Gracemount 19:00: Amforte Clarity
14:30: Zoz Quandry 23:30: Acoustic Rhapsody 19:30: Psiquence

Dress, Dance and Win

In addition the Lab will be hosting two costume parties during SL13B, with L$5,000 for the best in costume at each party.

  • Monday, June 20th 10:00 through 12:00 noon – The Roleplay Mashup Party at the SL13B cake stage. Wear your absolute favourite role-play costume (remembering the region is rated General) – prize rules
  • Wednesday, June 221t 19:00 through 21:00 The Flashback Party again at he SL13B cake stage. Wear something old and bring your oldest Second Life friend to celebrate the past in all its glory and share some amazing stories from the Second Life days of yore – prize rules.

And There’s More…

Check out the official Linden Lab SL13B blog post for more on what the Lab is doing to celebrate Second Life’s 13th anniversary alongside the residents.