Lab: share a Valentine’s vision and help promote SL

With Valentine’s Day roughly a month away, the Lab is inviting residents to share what that special day means to them by means of a photograph – and gain the opportunity to be a part of the Lab’s advertising campaigns for Second Life.

The post reads in part:

Valentine’s Day is just on the horizon and will be here before you can get through a handful of heart candies! We’re looking for some great Second Life pictures from the community to feature in upcoming email and banner campaigns – with credit to the photographer – of course!

In a snapshot, let us know what Valentine’s Day means to you in Second Life.

Share your story in a picture and on our Official Flickr Page with the tag “SLVday2016” so that we can see all of your amazing works. You may submit as many as you like between now and January 29, 2016.

We’ll showcase the chosen image(s) in an email to Residents, as well as in some banner campaigns. We’ll let the chosen image creators know via Flickr and ask for an avatar name for the credits.

The submission guidelines are fairly straightforward:

  • Images must be at least 2048×1207 in size
  • Avatars must be shown in-world,and suitably lit so they can be seen
  • All images must be free of additional text or logos, and must be appropriate for all audiences.
  • Images that tell a story are going to make an impression.

As noted in the Lab’s blog post text, the closing date for submissions is Friday, January 29th, 2016.


Discovering The Keys in Second Life

The Keys; Inara Pey, January 2016, on Flickr The Keys (Flickr)

With Christmas and the New Year behind us, the thoughts of many caught in the grip of winter inevitably turn to warmer locations, sunshine and, perhaps beaches. But with summer still several months away, we might need something else to sate our desire for warmer climes.

The Keys might well be a way for those of us in Second Life to do so, offering as it does an expansive landscape offering cliffs, gorges, sandy beaches, rolling meadows, secluded glades, all mixed with tree-lined walks, woodlands, coastal paths, and scattered houses beneath a summer blue sky. Such is the genius of the design, it’s at times hard to reconcile it with being confined to a single region.

The Keys; Inara Pey, January 2016, on Flickr The Keys (Flickr)

Featured in the Destination Guide Highlights for Friday, January 8th, 2016, The Keys, while Adult rated, has been created with one thing in mind: photography. But whether you’re into SL photography, or simply enjoy exploring stunning regions, this is a place which should not be missed off any itinerary.

The landmark provided in the Destination guide appears a little off, dropping you neatly into the pool of a Romanesque structure on the west side of the region, so I’m offering a slightly different one here which will hopefully drop you onto the terrace alongside the pool. Just to the north of this structure, beyond a ribbon of tall trees, sits the beach, looking out over a bay which separates The Keys from the more coastal suburban area of neighbouring Anarchist Bay to the west, which can be visited by crossing the bridge linking the two over the water. If you wander the beach, do take care no to disturb the mice as they enjoy their vacation!

The Keys; Inara Pey, January 2016, on Flickr The Keys (Flickr)

To the south of the landing point, the ground slopes gently up to an expense of trees seemingly caught in autumn’s golden crown, a place where mist drifts between the tree trunks, deer graze peacefully and the wanderer might come across sculptures and a secluded gipsy cabin nestled close to high cliffs overlooking the ocean, together with some of the off-region islands which further add to the visual appeal of The Keys – just don’t try walking out to the terrace on the lone finger of rock!

Eastward from the trees, the gently rolling ground is open to the sky and the grass grows tall, mixing with wild flowers. Horses graze here, while those seeking places to sit  while or simply to rest can find them among the merry-go-round, pavilion and shaded seating areas scattered along the edge of a broad gorge which cuts into the south-east corner of the land, the canopy of golden trees continuing on the far side, reached via a broad wooden rope bridge, or by following the edge of the gorge inland and then back out again.  Even then, the region is not finished with you – beyond the tongue of the gorge, a further bridge spans the void between the land and a small, rugged island on top of which sits a stylish house.

The Keys; Inara Pey, January 2016, on Flickr The Keys (Flickr)

And this is the beauty and power of  the region; just when you think you much have reached the end, there’s more to be discovered, making exploration here a genuine pleasure. There are fishing cabins, the coastal areas, secret ways beneath the ground, and one or two little surprises along the way. It’s also a place of whimsy, as can easily be seen in things like the island floating over the north-east corner of the island, stoutly anchored to the hill below, or the steps curling up from the sea to reach a door to… where…?

The Keys is a place which measures up to its description perfectly, making it an eye-catching visit, with plenty of opportunities for both photography and for simply sitting down and enjoying the visual and aural ambience of the place, and letting the world just take care of itself for a change. Don’t miss the Flickr group, either.

SLurl Details

SL project updates 16 2/1: server deployments

Server Deployments

As always, check the server deployment thread for any updates.

There was no deployment to the Main (SLS) channel on Tuesday, January 12th. On Wednesday, January 13th, all three RC channels should receive the same sever maintenance package comprising:

  • Feature Request: llGetObjectDetails() constant OBJECT_TOTAL_INVENTORY_COUNT – when targeting an object, OBJECT_TOTAL_INVENTORY_COUNT will return the total of all inventory types in each link of the linkset. See BUG-10575 for further details
  • Feature Request: llGetObjectDetails() constant OBJECT_PRIM_COUNT – provides a means to get a worn attachment’s prim count (rather than just returning 0).  See BUG-10646 for further details.
  • Simulator crash fixes.

SL Viewer

So far, no promotions or updates to the current batch of RC and project viewers, leaving the list as it stood in week #1:

  • Current Release version:, December 17, 2015 – formerly the Chromium Embedded Framework RC viewer download page, release notes
  • RC viewers:
    • Project Azumarill (HTTP updates) RC viewer, version, dated January 5th
    • Quick Graphics (Avatar complexity & graphics presets) RC viewer, version, dated January 5th
    • Maintenance (30+ fixes and improvements) RC viewer, version, dated January 5th
    • Vivox (Voice fixes and improvements) RC viewer, version, dated November 17, 2015
  • Project viewers:
    • Project Bento (avatar skeleton extensions) version, dated December 16, 2015
    • Oculus Rift project viewer, version, dated October 13th, 2015
  • Obsolete platform viewer (SL access for Win XP  / Mac OS X10.6 users), version dated May 8, 2015.

During the last TPV Developer meeting of 2015, it had been indicated that the Vivox RC viewer and the HTTP RC viewer were being merged into a single offering. If this is still the case, we can likely expect the updated RC viewer to be appearing soon.

Weekend Issues

For those who may have missed it, April Linden from the Lab’s Operation’s team (who are responsible for trying to keep the grid available 24/7), provided a blog post on the issues Second Life experienced over the weekend of January 9th / 10th 2016, which I also covered in a separate blog post.